LFW: Vizyon’s night out

Nothing defines evening wear better than fluid silhouettes in organza, silk jersey, and swirls of tulle embroidered with precious stones. Vizyon’s collection of “Enchanting Nymphs” at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010 had  ethereal touches with goddess gowns and dresses, and colours ranging from purple, orange and green.  Designed by Ninon Palisse with Shradha Murarka (Creative Director of Vizyon), the duo played it safe, presenting a retail-friendly collection, in line with popular trends. The only bit of experimentation was done with drapes and the graphic print-and-green combination. Pictures below:

Orange drape dress at Vizyon LFW  Green and graphic print Vizyon LFW

Vizyon models

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LFW W/F 2010: Fittings in full flow

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010 is just a few days away. Months of hard work, creativity, tailoring and burning the midnight oil are close to culmination. It’s time designers test the waters before taking the plunge—it’s time for fittings.

LFW W/F 2010 Fittings

Fittings take place a few days before the designer’s show. The main objective of the fittings is, of course, to see how the clothes fit the models. Is the blouse too tight or loose? Is the skirt the right length for the model? Should the black dress go first or the red one?

During a fittings session, models wear the designer’s clothes, walk a mock mini-ramp, even as designers and their assistants finalise accessories, looks, and the order of presentation for the final show.

At the end of the session, the designer’s assistants tag the outfits and accessories with the names of the models and take pictures of the model in the complete outfit as a handy reference.

Speaking Chic was privy to a couple of such fitting sessions, here are a few few pictures we took.

Anita Dongre selects necklace for model Model at Anita Dongre fitting

Designer Anita Dongre selects a neckpiece for a model (left); a model walks the “ramp” (right).

Vizyon models dressed up

Models at the Vizyon fittings.

Jewellery at Anita Dongre  Model with Anita Dongre

Some accessories the models will wear during the show (left); Anita Dongre checks  a garment as an assistant determines the alteration to be done (right).