Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011: Name an occasion, take your pick of clothes

Yesterday Speaking Chic wrote about fashion for all personality types at Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011 (VHIMW 2011) . Today we write about  clothes for all occasions—straight from the VHIMW 2011 ramp.

Clothes for hanging out/ college/ casual Fridays

Cropped pants/ shorts, comfy hat and subtle stripes and checks are great for chilling our with friends.

Below: From Sanchita Ajjampur

Model at Sanchita Ajjampur VHIMW 2011

Clothes for a foreign holiday

For the lucky dudes who are heading for a Mediterranean cruise or a relaxed holiday in Europe, we recommend neutral shades like beige, ivory and grey. Mix classic with the contemporary (like this structured jacket off-set by slinky cowls).

Below: From Karan Johar- Varun Bahl

Model at KAran Johar-Varun Bahl at VHIMW 2011

For festive occasions

The season for celebrations is about to begin—Navratri, weddings, Diwali, and some more weddings. Time for sherwanis, traditional looks, and embellishments on rich fabrics.

Below: From Shantanu-Nikhil

Model at Shantanu-Nikhil at VHIMW 2011

For formal yet fun occasions

Sometimes a guy wants to have fun but would prefer to be classy over casual. Think blazers and jackets in fun prints and colours. Be bold!

Below: From Troy Costa, Manoviraj Khosla

Model at Troy Costa at VHIMW 2011 Model for Manoviraj Khosla at VHIMW 2011

Guys—which of these looks do you wear most often?

Fashion week news: Arjun Khanna to open Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011 with high-on-action collection

Renowned fashion designer Arjun Khanna will be the opening designer at Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011 (VHIMW 2011) this September.

Arjun Khanna’s collection is about action men, as imagined by the designer. “I am very excited to showcase at VHIMW,” Arjun Khanna said. “I have been recognized and appreciated for my work in men’s fashion and it couldn’t get any better than opening the VHIMW 2011… My collection is … not [about] Batman or Superman but Arjun Khanna’s imagination about action!”

Van Heusen logoShivaraj Subramaniam, Marketing Director, Van Heusen said, “Arjun Khanna brings alive the classy drama through his exquisite collection and retains a sense of Indianness in his collection. His signature style of fusing colour and decorative detailing with contemporary styles make him one of the leading designers of the country.”

About Van Heusen India Mens Week:
The three day men’s fashion fete will be held from September 2-4, 2011 at The Grand, New Delhi. Van Heusen India Mens Week has cemented India’s position as the fourth fashion destination for menswear in the world. Van Heusen is the world’s No.1 dress shirt brand. The brand entered India in 1990.