Chic Diwali gifts: Steel watches for guys

After the girls’ most-wanted Diwali gift (sporty watch), it’s time to kick off the Chic Diwali gifts series for guys. And here’s a killer accessory to top the list: a sexy steel watch.

Tissot Bridgeport watch


Steel watches reflect a guy’s confidence, and can add a youthful touch to a drab office wardrobe or a fun touch to a collegian’s casual look. The steel watch can have a sporty dial, like Fossil’s  Dress and Sport watches:

Fossil Multifunction Silver Dial Watch Fossil Decker Black Chronograph Dial watch

Alternatively, men can make a sophisticated statement with Tissot’s Classic range of watches.

Tissot Classic Dream watch Tissot Classic Dream watch

PS: A special thanks to Rahul (a Speaking Chic reader) for sharing his Diwali fashion wishlist with us.

Guys, which accessory do you want as a Diwali gift? Tell us!