5 hot fashion lessons from Shahrukh Khan & Kajol

I’m an SRK fan, so despite the wonderful reviews (heh!) by critics and FB friends, I headed to downtown Yangon to watch Dilwale last weekend. The show was housefull and ticket scalpers were making good money. I was mostly interested in the Kajol-SRK on-screen romance, and their crackling chemistry and emotive eyes are the only bits of the film that I liked, even though it was shoddily scripted and directed. Anyways, somewhere amidst the plot twists, overtly-comical characters and extreme suspension of disbelief, I picked up some fashion tips from Shahrukh Khan and Kajol (or Kaali/ Raj and Meera).

Even if you abhorred the film or won’t watch it for a million dollars, these style lessons will hopefully inspire a tiny style upgrade or whole new look.

BTW, there is not one, not two but FOUR costume designers credited in the film so I have no idea who did the clothes for Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. If you do, let me know!

Lesson 1: Match your jacket with your shirt

SRK in Dilwale blue jacket

Jackets that match your shirt are the ultimate cool in men’s fashion. Just like what SRK’s wearing in the Bulgaria flashback. I say it’s the “ultimate cool” because it looks oh-so-mature and contrasts is so college-boyish (remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?). SRK sticks to black, grey and other muted colours, portraying a very chic European look.

Lesson 2: Skip the skinny

SRK in Dilwale blue jeans

So skinny jeans are all about showing off your shapely legs and there’s no doubt that SRK is superfit. But he’s dunked skinny jeans and chosen to wear straight fits instead. Why? Here’s a secret: skinny jeans are on their way out the trend door, especially since everyone and their grandma is wearing them. Meanwhile, jean legs are getting wider for both men and women and straight-fit denims or a slightly-flared bootcut is what you should wear like, right now, if you want to be fashion-forward.

Lesson 3: Go long if you’re a pear

Kajol in Dilwale

What do you do when you’re heavy in the lower half, but still want to look great on screen? One, you create the illusion of a waistline, and two, you go for longer lengths. So Kajol’s worn some gorgeous printed midi skirts- they cut off at just the right section of the waist, and they draw attention away from the bottom. Paired with blouses and sky-high heels, Kajol is rocking these skirts. And oh, she wears a printed maxi dress in a Goa scene. Fabulous!

Lesson 4: Smart blouses should be your daytime LBD

Kajol in Dilwale

I’ve always thought smart buttoned blouses to be a highly underrated garment. It makes anyone, and I mean anyone, look feminine, sophisticated and classy. If the blouse is a solid pastel, even more so. I especially loved Kajol’s gold-smuggling accident outfit- jeans, light peach blouse and matching open cardigan. Paired with a strong lip colour and pulled-back hair, it’s an easy peasy way to elegant style.

Lesson 5: Neutrals are nice

SRK Kajol in Dilwale

When in Europe, dress as the Europeans. Their colour palette may seem more restricted than ours, but even neutral tones can translate to great clothes if you pick the right garments and style your ensemble well. While SRK sticks to black and greys, Kajol opts for light pastels and blues, though she also adds some colour with her printed skirts.

BONUS: A lesson in colour: Less is more

Alas, the colour scheme changes drastically when they move to India (including the set design!) and the tad bit of tastefulness disappears as dozens of bright colours pop everywhere, even in SRK’s garage. Too many colours. Sigh! And then one day SRK heads to church in a parrot green shirt with matching jacket. Urghhh…. Why, why, why?!

TV Review: Trinny & Susannah’s India mission is kinda disappointing

TV Review: Trinny & Susannah’s India mission is kinda disappointing

So Trinny and Susannah, those cheeky, Brit gals with a great sense of style, came to India on a fashion mission (Trinny & Susannah Makeover Mission India, to be precise). They found some interesting “subjects”, and worked their magic on them. But the magic didn’t work much for me as a viewer. Maybe I had high expectations from their India season, since I’ve been a fan of their UK shows. Despite my obvious disappointment, the ladies did make an effort to put together a good show for our style-challenged audience.

Here’s what worked for me, and what didn’t.

The Good:
Trinny and Susannah chose some interesting subjects. Like an odd couple or two, plus-sized men and women, and even a female wrestler! It was great that they travelled to different Indian cities, and visited several local hotspots. I spotted Pizza By the Bay and Fab India in the Mumbai episode. And I saw a Delhi mall too (sorry, can’t remember the name). And I must they had done their homework to understand Indian culture and fashion, and especially our attitude to clothes. For instance, Trinny commented that most Indian men kinda had a uniform for everything- formal shirt and trousers! Couldn’t agree more. 😉

Trinny & Susannah’s approach was not just about looking great- it was an exercise to address the subjects’ fears, insecurities and lack of confidence. They spoke to the men and women about their life, their work, their aspirations. They seemed genuinely interested in helping the subjects make an impact and feel confident, rather than just wear branded clothes.

The Not-So-Good:

The styling was quite uninspired. True, for most Indians, any type of basic “styling” or even thinking about clothes or makeup is a BIG THING, so maybe it WOWed several people. But the choices they made didn’t really excite me. And I absolutely didn’t like how they styled one of the plus-sized women. A maxi that further increases the hips– not exactly my first choice for that lady!

I noticed a couple of ill-fitting outfits and some “subjects” who looked uncomfortable with their new clothes. Now that’s not good news, is it? And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the show was a bit watered down, partly it was too short (barely 22 minutes!). So there wasn’t too much time for Trinny & Susannah’s witticisms that’s their trademark of sorts. And I certainly missed the motivational “session” they have with women to make them feel comfortable in their own skin. And I’m not even talking about getting the women to undress in a window display of a high-street store! (Yes, they’ve really done that a number of times in the UK show).

But hey, Trinny & Susannah came, they stayed, they styled. Mission accomplished.

Trinny & Susannah India

What did you think of the Trinny & Susannah’s Makeover Mission India? The show airs Monday to Friday at 9PM, only on TLC.

Chic Workshop: Ten things I learnt at Vogue School of Style

Chic Workshop: Ten things I learnt at Vogue School of Style

I was lucky enough to attend the Vogue School of Style last evening, hosted by Priyanka Khanna, Priyanka Kapadia and Parizaad Khan. The three ladies shared fashion and beauty dos and don’ts with plenty of examples, and some neat tips and tricks. While I took lots of notes, here are my top ten lessons from the workshop.

Three New Words
Cost to Wear Ratio: Price of a piece divided by the number of times you wear it or are likely to wear it. Use this to know whether buying those hot pink pants will be a worthwhile purchase.
Hero Piece: The great piece you love that should be the focus of your ensemble, like a necklace, big tote or printed blouse. The hero piece should  ideally be a trendy one, and everything else should highlight that accessory or garment.
CSR: Comfort, Style and Relevance.  That’s the formula for putting together a work look.


Three Trends
Asian influences: These could be prints or accessories like obi belts or simple touches like a Chinese collar or kimono tops.
Green: It’s all about green this season. Pair light mint with a darker shade of mint, it will work!
Safari: Wear linen, soft cotton and neutral separates with lots of pockets for a utilitarian look.

Three Hot Fashion Tips
Shop smart. Make at least three outfits in your head before you buy a piece.
Have fun with staid corporate wear by playing with colours. Use pop shades and mix and match separates like pants, blouses and jackets, while keeping the look very formal.
Give up black for the weekend. Wear prints to spread the cheer!


Great Beauty Tip
A combination of matt and highlighted skin is in right now. So don’t powder all over your face, and let your natural glow shine through.