Chic Trends: 4Ps for summer fashion (Part 1)

Chic Trends: 4Ps for summer fashion (Part 1)

Ladies, I’ve just coined a simple term to remember the hot trends for this summer: the 4Ps (not to be confused with the 4Ps of marketing!).

And the 4Ps for summer 2012 fashion are


  • Pleats
  • Peplums
  • Pastels
  • Printed pants

Now, repeat the 4Ps over and over again till you know the list by heart.

In this post, I’ve highlighted the first two trends (or Ps): pleats and peplums.

Trend 1: Pleats

Pleats this summer are all in the skirts! Long or short, bright or pastels, regular hemline or asymmetrical, wear pleated skirts with grace. The other day I saw a woman wearing a maxi pleated skirt that was transparent below the knee, and it didn’t look as funny as it sounds. Really!

How to wear: Wear a bright pleated skirt with neutral or printed blouse.

Chic tip: While accordion pleated skirts are hot right now, they may be fashionably far-fetched from some. You could opt for a formal box pleated skirt or a pleated dress instead.

Skirt from Mango

Mango pleated flared skirt


Skirt from United Colors of Benetton

Pleated skirt from UCB


Dress from French Connection


French Connection pleated dress 

Trend 2: Peplums

Peplums came in to serious public view after Michelle Williams wore a peplum gown to the Academy Awards in February, and Kate Middleton has been spotted at least a couple times in peplum-ed outfits.

So what is a peplum? It’s a strip of pleated, gathered or flared fabric that is attached to the waist line of a skirt, dress, jacket or top. It could even be an overskirt of sorts.

How to wear: Wear a peplum on a dress or skirt that ends at the knee or just below. When wearing a solid dress or skirt, wear classic jewellery.

Chic tip: A peplum can be unflattering if you got zero curves around the waist and hip area- so wear with caution. Also, choose a peplum dress or skirt that is sleek and sculptured rather than slouchy or loose.

Dotty peplum dress from Fever London (available on

Fever London peplum dress-


Zara skirt with frill

Zara Pencil skirt with frill


What’s your choice among the pleats and peplums?

Coming soon: The other 2Ps- pastels and printed pants!

Chic News: Mango gets serious about India

Chic News: Mango gets serious about India

Were you surprised to see the Mango Spring/ Summer 2012 ad featuring Kate Moss on TV? It’s probably the first time I saw an international fashion brand advertise on Indian television. In the advert (called the “Spy Game” commercial), Kate Moss slips into a variety of looks, from casual to party.

Do any of you remember seeing ads by competing international brands earlier? Probably not.

Also, if you’ve noticed the Mango website recently, they’ve opened shopping for Indian users though shipping costs are high for orders below Rs 5000. And oh, the folks at Mango have recently roped in the agency OMD India for media buying and planning across traditional and online media.

Mango SS 2012 61304553 VOLARE amarilla

Mango SS 2012 accessories _LRS1205

All this is good news, of course! Because it means the Spanish brand Mango is getting very serious about expanding in India and making it big in the country.

So we get better collections, more variety and hopefully a better shopping experience (online and offline). And the best part—the competition will up the ante as well. I’m waiting for Zara (another Spanish brand) to come up with an answer!

LFW: Sabyasachi finally has some fun

After his show, Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, “I’m a boring designer. So I decided to have some fun this time.” And that’s exactly what he did last night at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011. (And we’re having some fun too—we give you the runway report as a story in pictures.)

The show with outfits were in simple earthy tones, black and ivory prints, styled conservatively. But Sabyasachi was just teasing the audience. His interpretation of the women of the Sunderbans was offbeat and inspired by several decades of the last century.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011

In matte red lips, high buns and catty glasses, the models (and the designer) seemed to be mocking us with unexpected twists to traditional garments. Like asymmetric sleeves, pop coloured tops with floor-length skirts, umbrella-shaped shoulders, shimmering loose jumpsuits, rustic gowns…

Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011 Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011

Sabyasachi juxtaposed unlikely textures, colours, fabrics and embellishments, like gowns with rustic Indian gold-work embroidery, blocking khadi with printed cotton, even saris-cum-skirts! Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011 Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011

Sabyasachi used lots of khadi, hand-produced cotton, textured raw silk and even a bit of lace in detailing. Very interesting outcome!

Some of the unusual stuff:

  • Short babydoll dresses with matching underpants!
  • Sack dresses with deep-cut armholes
  • Fabric made into a fan, fixed on the back of a blouse
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011
  • Black blouses and petticoats with colourful printed saris
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011

The accessories of choice were statement neckpieces and stacks of bangles (both very trendy).

Sabyasachi Mukherjee LFW S/R 2011

Even thought the show was eccentric, quirky and even a bit kinky, you would have walked out thinking, “I’d like to wear some of this!”

Tennis Fashion: Colours and cutouts for women at Australian Open 2011

Two things we’ve seen in abundance this Australian Open: predictable match results disappointments and questionable women’s fashion.

Kim Clijsters has gone green for this slam, and we applaud her for it. Meanwhile, Russian player Vera Zvonareva wears some weird muddy-brown-maroon with a cut-out back.

Kim Clijsters green Vera Zvonareva dress

And Zvonareva is not the only one with a personal take on fashion. Caroline Wozniacki is wearing a pleated skirt and layering her tennis dress with slips and shorts in various colours: from pink to orange. (Sheer is a key spring/summer trend). PS: Don’t miss her accessories (earrings, pendant and bracelets) and pop-coloured nails.

Caroline Wozniacki tennis dress

Of course, no tennis grand slam fashion story is complete without a special mention of Ms Venus Williams. This time, she claims to have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland (the movie or the book?), and has worn a different outfit in every match: criss-crossed tops teamed with printed skirts, and a bejewelled black “tennis” dress that we’d rather wear to a cocktail party (if at all). Venus has accessorised with dangling earrings and her shocking flesh-coloured shorts. Pity to see her retire early in the tourney. Who else can serve such sartorial double faults?

Venus Williams dress

Which women tennis player’s outfit did you like at the Australian Open 2011?

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Tommy Hilfiger brings kids wear to India

Popular American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger has got its cute childrenswear range to India with its Fall 2010 collection. True to Tommy Hilfiger style, the clothes have the brand’s “Classic, American Cool” signature.

Speaking Chic went through the collection by asking the question– would my nephew or niece wear this? Would they think it’s chic?

There are three main themes in the Tommy Hilfiger childrenswear Fall 2010 collection.

Explore Beyond
Inspired by the excitement and optimism of the NASA moon missions, this range space-inspired images and details. Outerwear is quilted and panelled, and sweaters feature argyles, bold stripes and badges.

Our picks:

Quilted bomber for boys Tommy Hilfiger Striped top girls Tommy Hilfiger

Quilted bomber for boys; Lola Stripe Henley with pinstripes of lurex

Striped top for girls.

Explore Nature
This range has an outdoorsy feel with checks, heathers and plaids. Nylon parka and jackets have been reinvented with trendy colours and rib details. The clothes feature rugged distress details for boys and sweet ruffles and waist ties for girls.

Our picks:

Check skirts girls Tommy Hilfiger Hoodie for boys Tommy Hilfiger Slim fit pants boys Tommy Hilfiger

Katherine check belle skirt for girls; Ohio hoodie in River Gold for boys; Washed twill slim pants for boys

Explore NYC
This range has a cool, urban, eclectic vibe; very rock ‘n’ roll with a touch of glam. Prints include posters for rock bands, graffiti and street signs. Girls’ outfits sport sequins elements and foil prints, while boys can team up smart jackets and tees.

Our picks:

Slim fit jeans girls Tommy Hilfiger Pant for boys Tommy Hilfiger

Victoria VW slim fit jeans with crystal detailing on back pockets for girls; Furray mini pant with H applique for boys.

What will your little nephews/ nieces want to wear?

Katrina’s Bollywood fashion jhatka: Is it a sari or a skirt?

While Sheela ki Jawani (aka Sheila ki Jawani) rocks the charts, Katrina Kaif seems to be rocking on the Bollywood fashion front with a confusing outfit in the chartbusting song from Tees Maar Khan. So what on earth is that pink thing? Is it a sari, is it a skirt, or is it a cutoff lehenga?

Katrina kaif half sari in Sheela ki Jawani

It’s none of them, folks. It’s what the fashion world is calling a half-sari. What it comprises: a knee-length underskirt/ petticoat (or whatever fancy-shmancy name you want to give it), and a “sari” that’s not the sari’s length, but shorter and not even the same width as the traditional sari. It looks like something’s missing. Length, fabric…and a wearable garment.

We asked some people about their opinion on the half-sari concept. Some of the spontaneous reactions:

“It’s neither this nor that! Awful!”

“It would look stupid off-screen.”

“I wouldn’t want to wear that, but it might just become a hot trend.”

It’s worth noting that Tees Maar Khan costume designer is Aki Narula, and not Manish Malhotra, which is a refreshing change.

Meanwhile Katrina Kaif rocks another look in Sheela ki Jawani: loose white shirt with black shorts, very similar to what Veena Malik wore on Bigg Boss the other day.

Katrina in Sheela ki Jawani

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Chic Views: Guzaarish Fashion

In our earlier posts, we explained Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Guzaarish wardrobe and deconstructed the Guzaarish makeup look. After a closer look on the silver screen, our off-the-cuff reactions:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s clothes, hair and makeup are lovely, and super glam for a nurse. This was her chance to de-glam and show her natural beauty and talent. Alas, golden opportunity missed.
  • I bet Aishwarya’s character Sofia obviously spends at least an hour getting dressed for work. And she carries her makeup kit to work as well. After cleaning, washing, dressing up her patient and a thousand other things, her hair and lipstick are in place. Wowza.
  • Sofia/ Aishwarya’s wardrobe is absolutely impractical (and way too expensive) for a nurse. Her blouses are low-neck way too low-neck for  a patient NOT to ogle. Or for his eyes not to drop out. And she wears a new apron everyday.
  • Even though we’ve paid much attention to Aishwarya’s clothes, it’s worth noting that Shernaz Patel’s simple organic cotton saris by Sabyasachi were a delightful contrast to Aishwarya’s glam clothes.

Speaking Chic Verdict: Lovely clothes, but let’s stay in character, shall we?