Tennis Fashion: Men shine like the sun

Australian Open 2011 has almost come to an end, and the leading fashion trend among men was the abundant use of bright and sunny colours.

Robin Soderling and Tomas Berdych both wore variants of yellow, though Robin’s tennis outfit was carefully mixed with black. We don’t think it’s an ideal combination.

Robin Soderling clothes Australian Open 2011 Tomas Berdych clothes Australian Open 2011

Not to be outdone in the yellow department, but retaining his classic, elegant style, Roger Federer chose a white tshirt with hints of yellow in the right places: collar, shoulder and wrist and headband, and even shoes!

Roger Federer clothes Australian Open 2011

Fashion lesson from Roger Federer:

Classic + Trend = Chic (yet safe)

Our favourite player Rafael Nadal took colour experimentation a step further by pairing his grey shorts with a colour that was neither orange nor red nor fuchsia nor peach. Take a look:

Rafael Nadal

Which player’s outfit impressed you the most?

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MasterChef: Should Akshay Kumar wear an apron?

Barely a week after Amitabh Bachchan’s return to the small screen, Akshay Kumar made his small-screen comeback with MasterChef India (not with the Rs 17 lakh sherwani though).

Akshay Kumar isn’t really known for his wardrobe or style statement, but this time he does try to be cool. He’s wearing open-necked shirts with suits, no tie. And our ever-sharp eyes fell on his shirts: they were floral prints.

Not only do they completely conflict with the tough guy-turned-chef look, they look kinda funny. We’d not advise any guy to wear such shirts.

  Akshay Kumar in floral shirt and blazer: MasterChef MasterChef- Akshay Kumar floral shirt

Our advice to Akshay: Cover up your floral shirt with an apron, or a chef’s jacket. Better still, don’t wear a shirt, just an apron. Guaranteed to get MasterChef India TRPs soaring. 😉

What do you think of Akshay Kumar’s wardrobe in MasterChef India? Tell us!

Pictures courtesy: Star Plus/ MasterChef India