WIFW A/W 2012: Key looks and moments from Day 5

WIFW A/W 2012: Key looks and moments from Day 5

Look: The confident woman

At Kotwara by Meera Ali, the models wore breeches, skirts and ivory shirts in wool, chiffon, bamberg crepe and suede. The look combined structure and flowing lines, which I adore. I want to be this woman!

Kotwara by Meera Ali at WIFW AW 2012

Kotwara by Meera Ali at WIFW AW 2012

Look: The quirky woman

There were bright geeky glasses, printed shorts, skirts and dresses, along with funky motifs (exaggerated lips) at Niharika. You need to be very funky to carry off this look!

Niharika at WIFW AW 2012

Niharika at WIFW AW 2012

Hippie gone upmarket

Tanvi Kedia’s hippie-deluxe look is about non-conformist glamour with mish-mash of prints like sandwiched stripes, tapestry patterns and hazy geometrics.

Tanvi Kedia at WIFW AW 2012

Sheer in winter, anyone?

You can layer sheer fabrics in wintery colours like purple and dark blue with jackets, trousers and skirts this winter. Raj Shroff showed us how.

Raj Shroff at WIFW AW 2012

For the girl who wants to be a cop

For those dreamt of dressing in a khaki uniform for work, Rehane has the right look for you—caps and all!

Rehane at WIFW AW 2012

For the music-loving geeky gal

Noise-cancelling headphones- check. Geeky glasses- check. Sequins- check. Feminine silhouette, manly shoes- check. It was all happening at Schon by Sakshi Pradhan!

Schon by Sakshi Pradhan at WIFW AW 2012

For Gwenyth Paltow fans

If you liked Gwenyth Paltrow’s “cape” at yesterday’s Academy Awards, Tahera Peeran’s wraps are for you.

Tahera Peeran at WIFW AW 2012

Accessories of the day:

Sling-bag with old-fashioned lock at Verb by Pallavi Singhee.

Pallavi Singhee at WIFW AW 2012

Carved bags at Virtues by Viral, Ashish and Vikrant.

Virtues at WIFW AW 2012

Uncut diamonds and polki jewellery at JJ Valaya.

JJ Valaya at WIFW AW 2012

WTFashion moment of the day

Abdul Halder’s strategically-placed birds made me cringe. Which woman would want to wear this?

Abdul Halder at WIFW AW 2012

Fabulous ending

JJ Valaya ended WIFW A/W 2012 with a Turkish flourish. He used unusual art and craft based forms such as mother of pearl inlay, Turkish miniatures, Iznik Ceramics, weaves of the Sultan’s robes, exotic birds and graphic calligraphy in his jackets, dresses, breeches, shirts and blouses.

JJ Valaya at WIFW AW 2012

JJ Valaya at WIFW AW 2012

JJ Valaya at WIFW AW 2012

Customary Bollywood appearances of the day

Irfan Khan looking out of place at Kotwara by Meera Ali.

Irfan Khan at WIFW AW 2012

Kangana Ranaut all pouty and serious at JJ Valaya.

Kangana Ranaut at WIFW AW 2012

WLIFW S/S 2012: Day 5 highlights

WLIFW S/S 2012: Day 5 highlights

Highlights of Day 5 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 in Delhi:

Prints galore!

From nature-inspired prints to geometric and the increasingly-popular digital prints, the mind-boggling range of prints have got us excited for next year’s summer already!

Below: Rajdeep Ranawat, Vineet Bahl, Geisha by Paras & Shalini

Rajdeep Ranawat at WLIFW S/S 2012 Vineet Bahl at WLIFW S/S 2012

Geish by Paras-Shalini at WLIFW S/S 2012

Drapes dominated

Drapes are feminine, flattering and can be sexy. Ruches, ruffles, gathers and more—you can never run out of ways to wear them.

Below: Amit GT, Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna, Rehane

Amit GT at WLIFW S/S 2012 Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna at WLIFW S/S 2012

Rehane at WLIFW S/S 2012

Subtle is sweet

The fashion scene today reflects the urge to grab five seconds of fame with statement accessories, plunging necklines and rising hemlines. So it was refreshing to see subtlety on the ramp in a country obsessed with larger-than-life style. The subtle looks meant delicate accessories and lighter or no embellishments.

Below: Rehane, Geisha by Paras & Shalini, Vineet Bahl

Rehane at WLIFW S/S 2012 Geisha by Paras-Shalini at WLIFW S/S 2012

Vineet Bahl at WLIFW S/S 2012

Contrasting looks of the day

The sweet, understated, modern Indian woman at Virtues.

Virtues at WLIFW S/S 2012

Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna’s diva from the future—bold and adventurous.

Rohit Gandhi- Rahul Khanna at WLIFW S/S 2012

Accessory of the day

There’s a feather is Rajdeep Ranawat’s hat! Cute!

Rajdeep Ranawat at WLIFW S/S 2012

LFW W/F 2011 Day 4: Drashta makes waves, Rehane presents unfinished garments

Marine life has served as inspiration to fashion designers since aeons, and Drashta Sarvaiya is among the most recent ones to have caught the bait (pun intended). At her show at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011, Drashta’s focus on marine life reflected in the fluid silhouettes, shell cut-outs and motifs, marine prints and colours that reflect the ocean (think aqua and sea green).

Model at Drashta LFW W/F 2011 Model at Drashta LFW W/F 2011

But that wasn’t all. Drashta also played with colours and detailing as she introduced pastels (mauve, pink) and neons (electric, fuchsia) on one-shoulder short and halter neck dresses with touches like capes and crystals.

Model at Drashta LFW W/F 2011 Model at Drashta LFW W/F 2011

The most interesting bit of her collection was the expert ruching along with the quirky accessories placed on the waist and neck. The accessories were handmade pieces created from pearl finish and hot neon leather, and coral shell and fish cut-outs. Cute!

Rehane, the designer known for her baby doll and cocktail dresses, dared to step out of her comfort zone at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011 with a new concept. This all-white collection was created with raw mulmul and kora fabrics and left unfinished with notes to tailors for alterations. (You could read “Check line” and “Cut here” on skirts and blouses).

Model at Rehane LFW W/F 2011 Model at Rehane LFW W/F 2011

The models walked barefoot on the ramp in slow motion, their limbs, faces and hair covered in talcum powder. Rehane later said her collection was inspired by the purity of a woman “Meera”. But we also felt that somewhere among the purity was the woman who is lost, struggling to hold on to her innocence and on the verge of being delusional.

Despite the blank colour palette, Rehane had worked meticulously on garment construction and detailing. There were rouches, gathers and pleats on blouses and yokes, uneven hemlines and even cholis with cowls. Silhouettes were mixed, as a tunic was paired with a pencil skirt and a loose cover-up had an empire line gathered body.

Model at Rehane LFW W/F 2011 Model at Rehane LFW W/F 2011

We left the show with mixed feelings—a tinge of sadness (the mood was sombre), but happy because we had just seen a designer’s fresh take on fashion.

WIFW A/W 2011: Day 1 Trends

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011 kicked off April 6 morning with designer Neeru Kumar’s show (her runway debut). The key trends of the day:

Playing with fabrics and textures

Fashion designers played with fabrics to create modern silhouettes. Neeru Kumar used a mix of wool, cashmere, linen, cotton and silk to shape garments that defined a woman’s curves. Urvashi Kaur draped hand-loomed fabrics and weaves like chanderi, tussar, woven silk, self patterned linen and wool jersey added an element of surprise to the garments. Also, the mix of colour and textured fabric at Akaaro was a wonderful experimentation of weaving techniques.

Below (left to right): Neeru Kumar, Pankaj & Nidhi, Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta

Neeru Kumar Pankaj & Nidhi WIFW Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta

Colours for winter

Rehane gave their collection a warm feel with yellows and oranges, while Urvashi Kaur’s colour palette varied from indigo, violet, electric blue, lime to yellow, green and red. Geisha Designs chose colours that colours symbolising the earth’s crust—mercury grey, lava red, storm violet, sea green and Atlantic grey.

Below (left to right): Rehane, Urvashi Kaur, Geisha Designs

Rehane WIFW dress Urvashi Kaur at WIFW A/W 2011 Geisha Designs at WIFW A/W 2011

True to tradition

We saw traditions-inspired collections throughout the day, from Urvashi Kaur’s hand-loomed fabric and weaves like chanderi, tussar, woven silk and self patterned linen to Geisha Designs’ hand-crafted techniques like batik dyeing and crochet. Pankaj & Nidhi’s Woven Chemistry collection used the Japanese technique ‘sashiko no donza’, a form of intricate quilting and embroidery, along with other mat-like weaving technique creating garments that were strong, defined and textured. Even Mona-Pali’s very modern collection had a rustic charm.

Below: Mona-Pali

Mona-Pali WIFW A/W 2011

Voluminous silhouettes

From soft flowy gowns and dresses at Geisha Designs to Arjun’s A-line skirts and billowy sleeves and trousers, volume ruled the ramps. At Varun Bahl, loose ribbons around waistlines, sleeves and hems added a 3-dimensional voluminous look along with scalloped skirts, clever use of asymmetry and ballooning effect on sleeves.

Below (left to right): Arjun, Varun Bahl

Arjun at WIFW A/W 2011 Varun Bahl at WIFW A/W 2011