WIFW SS 13 Day 2 Recap

WIFW SS 13 Day 2 Recap

Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra’s been using a lot of Kashmiri embroidery and chikankari recently, and for this ramp collection, he continued with the latter, associating with the NGO Mijwan. And there were the usual suspects of colours like ivory, creme, burnt orange, dull shades of red, pink and the like. Some great stuff to look at, but not new.

WIFW SS13 Manish Malhotra

Ankur and Priyanka Modi stuck to a simple colour palette, but with exotic imagery of god-birds, the Mayan maze, and birds of paradise. Exoticism was balanced with elegant fluid silhouettes, though the designer duo could have taken a few more risks.


The designer tried to capture the multiple facets of a woman through garments crafted for specific personalities, character traits and looks. This ranged from the simple feminine charm to the complex mysterious allure. Two key themes in the collection: attention to detail and strong use of monotones.

WIFW SS13 Anaikka

Dev R Nil
Clever print mixing in dresses and separates comprised this very wearable collection. The colour palette was restricted to mostly nude, taupe, pale lime, and navy blue with sparks of tangerine and fuchsia.

WIFW SS13 Dev R Nil

James Ferreira
Moving away from last year’s tie-and-dye, the designer’s new collection features hand painting by textile artist Bhamini Subramaniam and minimal embellishment. Chic and modern, the draped silhouettes were all seen before.

WIFW SS13 James Ferreira

Kavita Bhartia
The “Romanian” influences is not quite apparent, and the headgear was quite disconcerting. The odd-coloured wigs distracted us from the garments, which were quite likable once you saw beyond the wool-hair.

WIFW SS13 Kavita Bhartia

Rajesh Pratap Singh
Rajesh Pratap Singh experimented with new materials (fabrics and otherwise), used tassellation and various drapes for a slightly futuristic look (big shoulders, surface textures).

WIFW SS13 Rajesh Pratap Singh

SCHON by Sakshee Pradhan
Marking the journey of the sparrow, the rich fabrics and an outfit with some embroidery were the only interesting bits about the collection.


Samant Chauhan
Samant Chauhan attempted to create masterpieces worth royalty with Bhagalpuri silks, “assi kalis” and zardozi embroidery. Are all the garments worth royalty? Are they all masterpieces? The answer to both questions is “No”, though some of them are certainly arisotocratic, if not regal.

WIFW SS13 Samanth Chauhan

Surbhi Chawla
Lots of “influences” in the collection (nomadic, tribal, gypsy), but the common thread to bind them all together was missing.


Accessories of the Day
Nathnis (nose accessories) at Sakshee Pradhan.

WIFW SS13 Sakshee Pradhan

Quirky statement earrings at Surbhi Chawla.


Customary Bollywood Appearances of the Day
Parineeti Chopra for Manish Malhotra. Maybe she could have tried to carry the outfit a bit more gracefully?

WIFW SS13 Parineeti Chopra for Manish Malhotra

Diana Penty for Sakshee Pradhan- drab, just like her look in Cocktail.


Manoj Bajpai for Samant Chauhan. Can’t miss the royal weapon there!

WIFW SS13 Manoj Bajpai for Samanth Chauhan

WTFashion Outfit of the Day
Is it a bird? Is it a garbage can? No, it’s WTFashion! (Spotted at Khushiz).

WIFW SS13 Khushiz

WLIFW SS 2012: Day 1 highlights

WLIFW SS 2012: Day 1 highlights

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 kicked off on October 8, 2011 in New Delhi. Here’s what happened on Day 1 (Saturday):

There were colours… lots of them!

True to the upcoming season, India’s designers showed us colours to brighten the summer of 2012. There were plenty of colours all around, ranging from bright to soft—we spotted orange, hot pink, blue and red.

Below: Gauri & Nainika; Nachiket Barve; Rajesh Pratap Singh

Gauri & Nainika at WLIFW SS 2012 Nachiket Barve at WLIFW SS 2012

Rajesh Pratap Singh at WLIFW SS 2012

Meanwhile, there was white (and pastels) too!

Who says white is not a colour? Rahul Reddy and Rimzim Dadu proved otherwise, even as some designers played with soft pastels.

Below: Rahul Reddy, My Village by Rimzim Dadu, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Nandita Basu

Rahul Reddy at WLIFW SS 2012 Rimzim Dadu at WLIFW SS 2012

Rajesh Pratap Singh at WLIFW SS 2012 Nandita Basu at WLIFW SS 2012

Meanwhile, Indian styles dominated

Rajesh Pratap Singh showcase ikat tunics, dresses and kurtas. Meanwhile, Aneeth Arora brought out the famous Madras checks and floral prints on dresses, coats and trousers. Nandita Basu combined kantha work with details like pleats and cowls.

Below: Rajesh Pratap Singh, Pero by Aneeth Arora, Nandita Basu

Rajesh Pratap Singh at WLIFW SS 2012 Pero by Aneeth Arora at WLIFW SS 2012 Nandita Basu at WLIFW SS 2012

Silhouettes were more structured than fluid

While most of us tend to associate summer with loose silhouettes, flowy garments and easy-going outfits, the designers surprised us with silhouettes that were had cleaner lines, robust shapes and a complexity-in-detail approach. But are they summer-ready? Yep!

Below: Rahul Reddy, My Village by Rimzim Dadu, Nandita Basu

Rahul Reddy at WLIFW SS 2012 Rimzim Dadu at WLIFW SS 2012

Nandita Basu at WLIFW SS 2012

Embellishments were subtle

Malini Ramani used her favourite little mirrors to embellish, while Nachiket Barve used his favourite floral appliqué along with silvery leaves.

Below: Malini Ramani, Nachiket Barve

Malini Ramani at WLIFW SS 2012 Nachiket Barve at WLIFW SS 2012

Look of the day

The cheeky girls wearing uniform-like garments and headgear at Gauri & Nainika.

Gauri & Nainika at WLIFW SS 2012

Accessory of the day

The applique envelope clutch at Nachiket Barve… fabulous! (Close contender: Fluorescent belts and chappals at Rahul Reddy.)

Below: Nachiket Barve, Rahul Reddy

Nachiket Barve at WLIFW SS 2012 Rahul Reddy at WLIFW SS 2012

Celeb appearance  of the day

The customary Bollywood appearance on Day 1 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS 2012 was by the cast of upcoming movie My Friend Pinto, Prateik and Kalki Koechlin for Rina Dhaka. Do they look good? Sure. As for the clothes—best left unsaid. 😉

Rina Dhaka 1

What are your favourites from Day 1 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS 2012?

Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011: Looks and styles for all guys

Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011 just concluded in New Delhi, and it was every fashion-conscious guy’s delight. (Women loved the shows too, for obvious reasons… drool!).

There were some fabulous collections and clothes for all guys, and we think every guy would be spoilt for choice! (Why should only women get a range of fashion options, right?).

So we thought it would be fun to match the guys we know with the clothes they’d like to wear. And the results of our little experiment are worth sharing. For obvious reasons we’re not revealing the names of the guys here, just their fashion attitude. Take a look and tell us if you know such guys.

For the guy who likes colour

He likes bright colours—as the mainstay of his look or just to break the monotony.

Below: From Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna; Manoviraj Khosla

Model at Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna VHIMW 2011 Model at Manoviraj Khosla VHIMW 2011

For the geek

Even geeks have a style beyond the dark and thick glasses. Separates carelessly thrown together with a book bag is the modern geek.

Below: From Sanchita Ajjampur

Model at Sanchita Ajjampur VHIMW 2011

For the guy who loves kurtas every day of the week

Who thought kurtas with slim trousers could be oh-so-chic?

Below: From Rajvi Mohan

Model at Rajvi Mohan - VHIMW 2011

For the rebel

Hoodies may have got a bad name recently, but they’re not the same anymore. There’s more than one on a tee, it’s in front, or it’s with a fitted sweatshirt. Either ways, the hoodie still seems to say “I don’t care”.

Below: From Anky

Model at Anky - VHIMW 2011

For the mysterious hottie

I saw one at a restaurant, another driving a Jaguar, and a third at fashion week. Sigh!

Below: From Rajesh Pratap Singh

Model for Rajesh Pratap Singh at VHIMW 2011

For the modern guy who likes homespun fabrics

He likes traditional Indian silhouettes and classic textiles in contemporary styles.

Below: From Abraham & Thakore

Model for Abraham & Thakore at VHIMW 2011

Guys—which one is you? Gals—which of these would your guy wear?