Chic makeup: Lakme Fantasy Collection Review (Part 3)

In part 2 of our Lakme Fantasy Collection Review, we wrote about the face products. In the third and final part, we give a roundup of the collection.

Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Colour

Colours: Mostly pinks, peaches and light purples

Price: Rs 225 each (available in 8 shades)

Lakme LIPSTICK No 131 Fantasy Collection Lakme LIPSTICK SHIMMER No 137 Fantasy Collection


We tried three shades from the collection, and our favourite was No 131 (pictured above on left) which was a nude pink. I’d recommend this shade as a must-have for ALL Indian women. The lipsticks are what you expect from Lakme—last long but when they start to fade, you need to quickly touch up. All shades work well with our skin.

Verdict: 4/5

Lakme Eye Color Quartet

Colours in the quad: Dewy green, petal pink, gold pastels.

Price: Rs 425

Lakme Fantasy Collection eye colour quarter


While the green in this eye shadow palette is lovely, I don’t think so highly of the other shades. The pink reminded me a bit of last season’s purple eye shadow shade. Also, while the shadows are rich in pigment, they could go easier on the shimmer. After all, we we wouldn’t want the nudish shadow to shimmer too much at work. 🙂 Another issue I have faced with Lakme eye shadow quads: the colour “powder square” breaks after a while on its own. But if you intend to use the palette only till the next season, it won’t be a problem for you. On the upside, shadows stay in place for hours and are great for summer parties.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Lakme True Wear Nail Colour

Colours: Pinks, lilac, mauve (six shades available)

Price: Rs 90 each


I won’t write anything in this review—just show you pictures of their lovely shades. Gorgeous!

LAKME Fantasy Collection true wear nail colour LAKME Fantasy Collection true wear nail colour LAKME Fantasy Collection true wear nail colour

Verdict: 4.5/5

Lasting impressions of Lakme Fantasy Collection:

Lakme’s Fantasy Collection gives Indian women the versatility to try a variety of looks over the next few months, and all at an affordable price. I’m glad that Lakme has experimented with new products like the bronzer and multi-purpose eye pencils. Fortunately, most of the products in the collection deliver what they promise. Our two wishes? We would have liked to see orange in their range, as it is a hot colour this summer AND can work with Indian skin tones. Also, after last season’s Gypsy collection, we’ve seen plenty of shimmer and shine, so maybe some matte products would be good too.

Our final words: Good collection with some winning products.



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Chic makeup: Lakme Fantasy Collection Review (Part 1)

Earlier this month, Lakme launched its new makeup range for summer 2011: the Fantasy Collection. Besides introducing new shades in existing product lines like Enrich Satin lip color (lipsticks), Eye Color quartet (eye shadow palette of four shades) and True Wear nail color (nail polish), there are plenty of new and exciting products: Lakme Fantasy Collection products

  • Cheek Artist (cream blush)
  • Gold dust shimmer bronzer
  • All over shimmer gloss
  • Shadow artist shimmer stick (cream-based eyeliner-cum-shadow)
  • Fairy dust eye shadow (like an eyeshadow in pen/ stick form)
  • Fantasy shimmer liner (sparkle eye liner)

The colour palette of this collection ranges from bright tones in green, pink and blue. Gloss and shine are key elements of this product range.

In part 1 of the Lakme Fantasy Collection review, we test some of the eye products.

Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick

Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in GREEN - Lakme Fantasy Collection Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in GREEN BLUE- Lakme Fantasy Collection

These are creamy pencils that you can use in a number of ways: as liner on upper or lower lashes, or you can apply and smudge/ blend, or simply use all over the lid as eye shadow. And as the name suggests, they’ve got glitter!

Price: Rs 350 each (available in four shades)


I found the pencils easy to use, and I was also able to easily blend the colour. I wore the Green to office and while my colleagues liked it, one of them wished that the green was a deeper shade. I agree with her, as it isn’t always practical to wear such a colour to work or formal events and the darker colour would go well with our skin tone.

Anyways, my thick liner stroke stayed in place from morning to evening and faded just a little. I also turned it into eye shadow, by applying a few solid lines across the lid and then blending with my ring finger. The resultant eye shadow was wonderful—just the right hint of pigment and good dose of shimmer. Of course you can add more layers of colour if you want more colour.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Fantasy Shimmer Liner

The product description claims that it gives you twinkling eyes, and you can line, layer and blend this product without smudging.

Price: Rs 275 each (available in 8 colours).

Lakme Fanstasy Shimmer Liner in Midnight Moon You know what? Every word in the above-mentioned product description is 100% true. Though the product is in liquid form, it’s got a quick dry formula. So apply it once, blink, and there—it’s in place. And yes, your eyes do seem to twinkle. 🙂

The shimmer liner brush was just right to apply the liner comfortably and I didn’t have a problem applying it even though my hand tends to shake.

I tried Midnight Moon (picture on left), Gold and Pink Crystal—and I loved ALL of them! The’yre great for parties, weddings, shopping and fun! This product has to be on your makeup kit this summer (or rather, this year).

PS: I’d love to try the White in this range. If it’s transparent, I’m buying it!

Verdict: 4.5/5

Coming soon: Lakme Fantasy Collection Review (Part 2)

Fashion News: Elle 18 is back with Color Bombs!

Remember Elle 18? The cool makeup brand with funky ads and great colours we bought years ago after a boring college lecture? The brand disappeared a while ago, but they’re back now with new explosive colours (and names) for eyes, lips and nails.

Their makeup products:

Elle 18 Nail Pops No 14 nail polish Elle 18 Color Burst lipstick Baked Peach Elle 18 Lip Smoothie-Melon Flame

No. 14 Nail Pop (nail polish); Color Burst (lipstick) in Baked Peach; Lip Smoothie (lip gloss) in Melon Flame

Elle 18 Kajal Elle 18 Eye Sparkler Purple Pataka Elle 18 Black out! Liner

Kajal; Purple Pataka Eye Sparkler (eye crayon); Black Out! Liner

The products come with very affordable price tags, ideal for cash-strapped college students (nail pops for Rs 45, lip smoothies for Rs 85). And any makeup junkie would love to have fun with the colours. I have my eye on some nail pops (No. 16 and 24) and eye sparklers (Grey Gun Powder).

Have you tried Elle 18 makeup? Share your reviews!

Chic Makeup: Lakme’s Gypsy Collection (Part 2)

You can read the previous part of our review of Lakme’s Gyspy Collection here.

Eyes: Eye Quartet

Lakme Gypsy collection Eye Quartet eye shadows

Just one sweep of the Gypsy collection’s eye shadows is enough to make your eye lids sparkle. The two eye shadow palette has the right colours for the season: pink, purples, grey and bronzes. Most of the eye shadows have a gold shimmer, which are perfect for gold embroidery we will be wearing this Diwali and throughout the wedding season. Very, very trendy! And I love the names too: Silk Route and Tanjore Rush.

The only downside: the eye shadow tends to “break” easily.

Black Satin Kajal

Lakme’s Black Satin Kajal is indeed satiny, it just glides over your eye lid, doesn’t smudge too much and is dark as night. Word of caution: Handle with care! I dropped the pencil without the lid, and my heart broke when the point broke. 🙁

Nail polish: True Wear Nail Color

I asked a friend to test the Gypsy collection’s nail polish. She headed to her neighbourhood salon for a pedicure, and asked them to apply the ruby red she was carrying. The pedicurist and the salon staff fell in love with the colour, said it was the right amount of shimmer, and they would be stocking up on the colour ASAP. 🙂

Other fab colours: Mystic indigo, henna gold, plush purple… awesome! Take a look:

Lakme Gypsy collection nail polish

Speaking Chic Verdict (entire collection): 4/5. Choose the colours to go with your wardrobe and you’re set to look gorgeous for the festivities!

Have you tried Lakme’s Gypsy collection of makeup yet? Tell us what you think!