WIFW: 15 new faces to scorch Delhi ramp

Fifteen new models will make their Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week debut later this month, to be held in New Delhi. Here’s a glimpse of some of them.

Anjali Raut model  Kritika Babu model  Lekha Raman model

From left to right: Anjali Raut, Kritika Babu, Lekha Raman.

And here are all 15 of them (the first thing I noticed was their super long legs :-)):

 Models for WIFW

What do you think of the new faces at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week?

LFW: Bollywood on your feet

Naya Daur is the name of a popular Dilip Kumar movie, and also the name of Rohan Arora’s shoe collection for Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010. Why Naya Daur? One, because it’s inspired by old Bollywood hand-painted posters; two, because Rohan’s used a new kind of leather, combined with khadi for his shoes.

Model wearing Rohan Arora shoes Rohan Arora's shoes at LFW

Rohan’s collection comprised boots and slip-ons imprinted with poster-inspired imagery. The shoes were in shades of beige, brown, orange and red, with spiral heels, cuffs and laces. Unlike other Bollywood-inspired garments and accessories, Rohan’s shoes were neither garish nor trying too hard. Sadly, boots are not ideal for Mumbai weather, but I have my eyes on the slip-ons already.

Meanwhile, check out the shopping bag a model carried on the ramp. Bollywood shopping, anyone? 🙂

Devdas bag Rohan Arora with model

LFW: Narendra Kumar’s dare-to-wear jeans

It’s not often that a high street brand presents at a fashion week, but when an ace designer like Narendra Kumar ties up with Killer jeans, you expect to see something different. Narendra’s been associated with the denim brand for a while now, and this time he played to college boys and girls while daring them to get a bit bolder.

For guys, there were 1980s-style sports jackets, pop-coloured jeans (green, blue, red) and printed shirts with check and military detailing. The jeans ranged from the seriously low-rise jeans (check picture below) in fits that ranged from the straight cuts to to drop-crotch styles, often worn by bare-chested male models.

topless model at Killer show LFW

For women, there were very short shorts, skirts, skinny jeggings, a jumpsuit and even a couple dresses, such as a ruched one-shoulder dress and a more interesting bodycon strapless denim dress.

The jeans and shorts appeared in a variety of washes, and were often distressed or frayed. And oh, Narendra’s models donned hats on the runway, and though they seemed fun, we’re not sure how many Indian youngsters want to adopt that trend. What they will want to wear, however, are the tshirts that say, “Sex Cells” and “Been There, Dump That”.

Narendra Kumar Killer tshirt

Would you wear such tees? Tell us!

LFW: Arjun Saluja’s Japanese inspiration

Dark and dramatic, mysterious and masculine. Arjun Saluja’s Resurrection on Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010. Sponsored by TIGI Catwalk’s Sleek Mystique range of hair products, the collection showcased Arjun’s refined tailoring and fine use of structure and style. Combining his fascination for Japanese martial art budo with the dark and mystical side of Japanese art forms, the clothes on the ramp had clean lines, layered lapels, quilting, pleating and layered flaps on dresses, trousers, skirts, dresses and blouses. Using satin, crepe and suiting material, Arjun added dramatic elements like red gloves, a trailing gown, buttons on the back, or a loop on the arms and legs. The military association was strong with studded shoulders and double-breasted dresses. The hair, expertly done by TIGI’s Akos Bodi, was combed back, long and dark.

Model at Arjun Saluja LFW Black top and dress Arjun Saluja Arjun Saluja show at LFW

Speaking Chic says: Invest in this collection if you’re comfortable with your masculine side. I certainly am.

LFW: Neeta Lulla preview

Popular Bollywood and bridal wear designer Neeta Lulla will be showcasing her new collection at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2010 tonight. We got a sneak preview of what’s in store for us, courtesy the designer and model Nethra Raghuraman:

Neeta Lulla LFW Nethra Nethra in Neeta Lulla LFW 

While I’m not so enthused after seeing this outfit, let’s reserve our judgement till later tonight.

What do you think of the outfit? Tell us!

LFW: Manish Arora blings it up!

Manish Arora’s show at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010 started more than half an hour late. When the first model came out, it was clear why it had taken so long. It was the makeup and the hair: heavy glitter around their eyes and lips. Shimmery headpieces in myriad colours, several sporting the motifs on the outfits. Take a look below. Can you stop yourself from saying, “Wowza!”??

Manish Arora models LFW

Manish Arora’s colourful eccentricity was apparent in the way he played with the garments—big shoulders, wide sleeves, bubble skirts, and the entertainment factor. A model strolled down the ramp wearing laser pointer glasses and looked all around (apt since the show was sponsored by Philips).

The collection comprised mostly dresses and skirts, with cropped jackets, all meant for an in-your-face party girl from the future. Manish called it “Art Deco 2050”. We could see the Art Deco inspiration with the focus on freeing the woman from the limitations of tight-fitting outfits, the emphasis being on exaggeration of drapes, folds and details. 

The outfits were covered with sequins, applique flowers, metallic discs and fan shaped motifs. Here’s Manish with his three showstoppers.

Manish Arora and models at LFW

A close-up of the model’s makeup. Note the shimmery metallic discs around her eyes and glitter on her lips.


The footwear was a mix between hoof-like ankle booties and platform stilettos.  The models later said that the shoes were a bit uncomfortable but they were fine when they stepped out the second time.

Shoes at Manish Arora LFW

Speaking Chic says: Upcoming festive season, don’t shy away from bling.

What do you think of Manish Arora’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week? Tell us!

LFW W/F 2010: Some model facts

Anyone who is not a model is fascinated by them. But turns out they’re people too. So here’s some things I observed about them at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2010 fittings earlier this week.

Most models are super tall. Really. When I stepped into the fittings room, I looked up at them, and wondered, “Wow! They‘re wearing such high heels!” Two minutes later, the choreographer called out, “Giiiirrrrls, wear your heels now!” Then they towered over me.

Models are super thin. Well, kinda. Some of them really are, but none of them looked sick or deathly pale to me. Rather, some of them looked skinny and healthy at the same time. (By healthy, I don’t mean chubby, but healthy, curvy and feminine). And they had the flattest tummys. (Note to self: Take tips from them during fashion week).

 Models at LFW W/F 2010

Models eat cake. No kidding. I saw them munching on little pastries after the fittings. What’s interesting is that they ate tiny bite-sized pieces, and didn’t gorge on them.

Models can be really sweet. A couple of the models happily posed for me when I pointed my camera at them, even though they were without makeup. Here’s one of them.

Model at LFW W/F 2010

Most models have good skin. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s because they take good care, or a bit of both. There were a few models though, who had not so good skin, but nothing which makeup couldn’t take care of.

Any model myths you want to bust? Any questions for the models? Tell us!

LFW W/F 2010: Fittings in full flow

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010 is just a few days away. Months of hard work, creativity, tailoring and burning the midnight oil are close to culmination. It’s time designers test the waters before taking the plunge—it’s time for fittings.

LFW W/F 2010 Fittings

Fittings take place a few days before the designer’s show. The main objective of the fittings is, of course, to see how the clothes fit the models. Is the blouse too tight or loose? Is the skirt the right length for the model? Should the black dress go first or the red one?

During a fittings session, models wear the designer’s clothes, walk a mock mini-ramp, even as designers and their assistants finalise accessories, looks, and the order of presentation for the final show.

At the end of the session, the designer’s assistants tag the outfits and accessories with the names of the models and take pictures of the model in the complete outfit as a handy reference.

Speaking Chic was privy to a couple of such fitting sessions, here are a few few pictures we took.

Anita Dongre selects necklace for model Model at Anita Dongre fitting

Designer Anita Dongre selects a neckpiece for a model (left); a model walks the “ramp” (right).

Vizyon models dressed up

Models at the Vizyon fittings.

Jewellery at Anita Dongre  Model with Anita Dongre

Some accessories the models will wear during the show (left); Anita Dongre checks  a garment as an assistant determines the alteration to be done (right).

Just in: Fantastic foursome at LFW

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The folks at Lakme Fashion Week are already gearing up for the Autumn/Festive 2010 edition, scheduled for mid-September in Mumbai. And to kick off the crazy preparations, they’ve just announced four new models who will be seen setting the ramp on fire and launching a thousand ships (or sales) this upcoming season.

The four gorgeous young women were selected at this week’s model auditions from more than 60 aspirants, thanks to their attitude, confidence, poise and individuality on the ramp. FYI, the jury that selected them comprised the who’s who of Indian fashion: Narendra Kumar, Monisha Jaisingh, Sheetal Mallar, Marc Robinson, Farrokh Chothia, Nonita Kalra and Sujal Shah (Vice President & Head of Fashion, IMG India).

Here are the lucky ladies (from left to right; Anjali Raut, Anuradha Nayudu, Marcela Rodrigues and Reyna Leyva): 

LFW model selected - Anuradha Nayudu, Anjali Raut, Rayna Levya and Marcela Rodrigues 

Speaking Chic says: Great bodies – check. International appeal—check. Not anorexic (as of now)—check! Can’t wait to see them on the ramp, draped in clothes that will set the trend for the next few months.

What do you think of these models? Tell us!

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