How I am fighting the SALE shopping temptation

How I am fighting the SALE shopping temptation

The mall is a bad, bad place to visit these days. The SALES are extremely tempting, and my upcoming wedding has given me the best reason to shop. So the question I’ve been asking myself is – should I shop during the end of season sale? I mean, everyone shops during sale, right? (And the cool gif from Hidesign below makes it even more alluring).

Hidesign Sale

It’s not an easy answer, so I’m just going to put you through a YES and NO debate that went on in my mind for the longest time ever.

YES, a bride should totally shop on sale, because:
She will get the best prices so she can shop on a budget. And there is so much choice because all brands stuff their stores till they overflow.

NO WAY, a bride should not shop on sale, because:
It’s old season stuff, honey. Not the right options for a stylish trousseau. You don’t have place in your cupboard to hold all the lovely new clothes. She will end up splurging on clothes and accessories she doesn’t need or want.

Still no answer to my original question. So here’s what I did:

Step 1: I made a shopping list of things that I need to buy. (The key word here is need, not want).

Step 2: I then struck off those things that I don’t need immediately, like a watch, clutch etc. (I own these accessories and can use them for a while).

Step 3: This left me with just a few things on my list, such as a pair of office shoes, a good moisturiser, casual slippers (for the house) and similar stuff.

Step 4: And then I went and bought these things– they were all important because I didn’t have a good pair of work shoes and my home slippers broke.  And what of the rest?

Step 5: I went back to my original list, pondering each item carefully. I figured out the things I didn’t need immediately, but would be a good price during sale, and were unlikely to change with “trends”. This included staples like black pants, classic white blouse and a pearl necklace. And oh, lingerie.

Step 6: Meanwhile, my mom added a few things to the list- gifts! Mom’s wishlist can’t be ignored, so it got added to my list.

Step 7: I will be heading to the mall as the discounts go deeper, armed with this list. And I intend to stick to it! (I know I will).

Now, is that the path to being a smart, stylish and financially-savvy bride? I say YEAH!

PS—Do try this at home (and the mall)! No expert guidance needed.

Shopping News: Phoenix Market city opens in Kurla, but will we see new brands?

Shopping News: Phoenix Market city opens in Kurla, but will we see new brands?

The mall Mumbai shopaholics have been waiting for is now open! Phoenix Market City had a quiet inauguration last week, and our fashion radar tells us that a few stores and restaurants are open (no specifics yet, but I’ll update you as soon as I know more).

Here’s an early-stage visualisation of the mall:

Phoenix Markey City Mumbai

Phoenix Market City is technically not located in a “prime” shopping area—it’s in Kurla, but it’s huge. With retail area of over 16 lakh square feet, wonderful atrium for special events, and an Adlabs multiplex, this mini-city is bound to get shoppers from all over Mumbai.

As for the fashion brands that will open at Phoenix Market City, I expect the usual suspects like Zara, Mango, Benetton, and the rest of the gang to open there. After all, there will be plenty of room for everyone. BTW, we have confirmation that Vero Moda and AND  have opened at Phoenix Market City.

Could be a lovely mall, but…

While a new mall is always good news, I really wonder if Mumbai needs another one. Especially if it’s going to be like any other mall.

What would really excite me is if we get some new brands, concept stores or a new whole new look. Things we haven’t seen before, stores we haven’t explored before. And of course, the mall’s layout would play a huge role in deciding whether Phoenix Market City will be a comfortable place to shop and hang around. I don’t want this mall to be yet another giant structure that looks like every other mall, only larger.

What say, shopping lovers and mall rats? Anyone been to Mumbai’s Phoenix Market City yet?

Chic Store: S.Oliver brings trendy European fashion to Infinity

S.Oliver’s new concept store at Infinity Mall, Malad was my first in-depth experience of this German brand a few weeks ago, though they have stores at Mega Mall and Inorbit Mall.

The store’s large thematic window display drew my attention as I walked around the mall. The display had a rustic-cum-urban look with faux bricks and cool photo frames (similar to the one in the picture of the Delhi store below). The window display changes every few weeks, and is one of the highlights of the store.

SOliver Delhi store

At first glance, S.Oliver looks like any other high-street store, but step inside and you will feel the difference, even if you can’t put a finger on it immediately. It’s got a factory look with exposed pipes on the ceiling, wooden slats and flooring, with a dash of colour that comes with a printed wallpaper. None of that is in-your-face; instead, it creates an understated charming experience.

SOliver Mumbai store 

SOliver Mumbai store

The store houses S.Oliver’s three lines—Casual, QS and Selection, and have been laid out for easy navigation—guys’ stuff to the left, girls’ to the right, and gradual shift from casual to sporty to formal. There are t-shirts, shirts, jeans, dresses, trousers and jackets.

The S.Oliver design team uses concepts and garments across the lines, with a twist or two to fit into the line’s signature. For instance, I saw a denim jacket (usually worn as casuals) in the Selection line with a sleeker fit and coat-style buttons.

SOliver Mumbai store

Some other interesting pieces I saw: shrugs (especially liked a wine-coloured one); famous cartoon character tees (Superman, Batman), jackets and denims. I also noticed a sports jacket there, and while I wondered if it was out of place, they pointed out to me that the jacket was quite popular, even (or especially) in Mumbai! They have a few accessories as well, and I saw cross-body bags with little petal cut-outs that I had spotted a lot on my recent trip to Spain—bang on trend!

SOliver Mumbai store SOliver Mumbai store

I was looking for a cute jumpsuit or playsuit, and S.Oliver seemed to have plenty of options in those—in denim, a military green, printed cotton ones and so on. I tried these on, along with a classy dress that looked like a blouse and skirt combo when worn (was very tempted to buy that!) Most of the garments I tried had a comfortable fit and seemed fine for my body type, though I did notice the dreaded European style of low necklines that aren’t right for India. I chose a printed green playsuit for myself.

When I visited, part of the store was on sale, and the Fall/Winter collection already on rack. S.Oliver has clothes that would suit a range of ages and style mantras. You could get everything from a ganjee to a formal shirt, and despite the range, the store is not overwhelming like some large ones tend to be. The vibe is cool and hip, but not OTT, and will do well with the college crowd.

Some shoppers may find the prices a bit steep (eg Rs 1099 for a Superman tee, Rs 2000+ for my playsuit), but a quick comparison with other European brands reveals that S.Oliver is in the same range as Vero Moda, Benetton and others.
Store Address: S.Oliver, Infinity Mall, Link Road, Malad (W).

Note: Speaking Chic visited the store on the invitation of S.Oliver India, but we paid for our purchases.