Chic Makeup: Lakme’s Gypsy Collection (Part 2)

You can read the previous part of our review of Lakme’s Gyspy Collection here.

Eyes: Eye Quartet

Lakme Gypsy collection Eye Quartet eye shadows

Just one sweep of the Gypsy collection’s eye shadows is enough to make your eye lids sparkle. The two eye shadow palette has the right colours for the season: pink, purples, grey and bronzes. Most of the eye shadows have a gold shimmer, which are perfect for gold embroidery we will be wearing this Diwali and throughout the wedding season. Very, very trendy! And I love the names too: Silk Route and Tanjore Rush.

The only downside: the eye shadow tends to “break” easily.

Black Satin Kajal

Lakme’s Black Satin Kajal is indeed satiny, it just glides over your eye lid, doesn’t smudge too much and is dark as night. Word of caution: Handle with care! I dropped the pencil without the lid, and my heart broke when the point broke. 🙁

Nail polish: True Wear Nail Color

I asked a friend to test the Gypsy collection’s nail polish. She headed to her neighbourhood salon for a pedicure, and asked them to apply the ruby red she was carrying. The pedicurist and the salon staff fell in love with the colour, said it was the right amount of shimmer, and they would be stocking up on the colour ASAP. 🙂

Other fab colours: Mystic indigo, henna gold, plush purple… awesome! Take a look:

Lakme Gypsy collection nail polish

Speaking Chic Verdict (entire collection): 4/5. Choose the colours to go with your wardrobe and you’re set to look gorgeous for the festivities!

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Chic Makeup: Lakme’s Gypsy collection (Part 1)

Speaking Chic spent a few days trying out Lakme’s latest makeup range: the Gypsy collection. Here’s the first part of our review.

About the Gypsy Collection by Lakme

The idea behind Lakme’s Gypsy collection, made in collaboration with designer Malini Ramani, is to take Indian women a makeup range that will see them through the festive season: Diwali, weddings, Christmas, New Year and some more weddings (up to January).

Lakme's Gypsy collection of makeupWhat’s in the collection

Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip colours, blush, eye shadow, kajal, nail polish.


Mostly earthy undertones, with several vibrant colours. Each makeup product has a distinct colour palette.

Lips: Enrich Satin Lip Color

I started with the Enrich Satin Lip Color lipsticks and discovered, much to my delight, that they did feel like satin on my lips, as the name suggests. The colours ranged from rust to brown. I liked most of the colours (10 in all), and they’re bound to please women of all ages.

Application was easy and the colour came out well in the first coat itself. With just a couple of coats, the lipsticks stayed in place for 5-6 hours, and even after a meal. Lakme says that these lipsticks contain sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts for soft and smooth lips. Must say that the lipsticks certainly didn’t leave my lips dry.

Sheer Satin Lip Gloss

I love lip glosses, and I can’t imagine life without them. The eight shades of Lakme’s Sheer Satin Lip Gloss were enough to satisfy my thirst for lip glosses, and I liked the slight metallic sheen some of them had. They lasted long (though not as long as the lipsticks), and smelled and tasted great. 😉 My favourite shade: No. 11.

Lip Palette

Lakme Gypsy collection lip palette

Lakme’s Lip Palette of five very earthy brown shades comes with a lip brush that will require basic skills, which you can learn in just couple of minutes. Some of the shades were similar to the Enrich Satin Lip Color lipsticks, but the difference was that these are slightly glossier. Most of the shades are suitable for women of all skin tones. (Hence makes a great Diwali gift.)

Have you tried the Lakme Gypsy collection’s lip range? Tell us what you think!

Coming soon: Part 2 of the review (Eyes and Nails)