Chic Poll: Will you ever buy a fake designer bag?

The other day I decided to do a random fake-designer-bag test. So I showed a picture of typical Bottega Veneta handbag (one with their trademark weave) to a colleague and asked her if women in the local train carried that bag. “Ohhh, almost all of them have this!” she replied.

Bottege Veneta tote Louis Vuitton handbag

I don’t have much to say about this ugly (and unfortunate) trend of carrying fake designer handbags, but here goes anyway:

Fakes have been around since ages, but it’s only now that I see almost every other person toting such a piece.

I’m not sure why so many more Indian women are now carrying fake Louis Vuittons, Guccis, Fendis, Burberrys and Bottega Venetas, but I suspect it’s a lot to do with the desire to be part of the so-called cool and hep crowd. Louis Vuitton fakes have become so common that not a single day goes by without me spotting at least one. (To be fair, a number of women aren’t aware of these brands per se, they just know that it’s some popular design of some phoren brand).

My stand on fake designer bags is pretty clear—I would be pretty uncomfy buying one. It’s not the real thing, and it’s kinda sad that anyone would want to buy one. Yes, designer bags are gorgeous and make you feel classy, sexy and powerful. And yep, most of us can’t afford those bags without making a serious dent in our bank balance. The heart wants what the heart wants, right?

But ladies, ladies, ladies—don’t you think by opting to buy such a bag you may be err… kinda kidding yourself about who you really are? There’s nothing to be ashamed about shopping at Mango or Guess or other similar brands. It’s what you make of your fashion budget—with a good eye for bargains and trends, you can get some great bags. The best part of our 21st century consumerist society is that there are plenty of fabulous and chic bags, purses and clutches out there to suit all budgets.

And then think of the thrill when you save up for months for an awesome bag and you finally buy it with your hard-earned money. Nothing is more powerful than that feeling!

So yeah, I’d rather buy a high street (read affordable) accessory or dress with my head held high than fake it out.

What do you have to say about this? Would or do you buy fake designer bags? Or will you never buy one?

Come on, take our poll. We won’t judge you for it—and hey, you’re anonymous. Dying to know what you think.