Chic Event: Bebe’s Wheel took me for a fashion spin

Chic Event: Bebe’s Wheel took me for a fashion spin

Who needs Fortune when you got the Wheel of Fashion (and awesome clothes to go with it)? At Bebe and Strut120’s event on Friday, the cute Wheel of Fashion was the centre of attention. As I entered Bebe’s Mumbai flagship store, someone was already spinning the Wheel of Fashion. The task– put together a look from the clothes in the store that fit the theme the Wheel throws up for you.


As luck would have it, my theme was- Party All Night. (I’m not a party animal). But hey, a fashionista is supposed to put together looks in a jiffy, so I took it up as a style challenge and was happily encouraged by the Strut120 and Bebe gals.

Luckily, Bebe’s got plenty of party dresses and separates in a range of silhouettes and bling variations to keep a fashion lover busy. I loved a brocade jacket and skirt, and tried on the jacket with a gold dress. Next, I was extremely tempted to try on some corsets (I’ve never worn one before), and finally wore a black sequinned one paired with black tights that had leather-finish inserts.


I never thought I could carry off a corset given my curvy figure, but Bebe’s corset was easy to wear, looked great and fit me well though I did straps for extra support. Most importantly, it was super comfortable, and I didn’t need to suck in my stomach or hold my breath. A big thumbs-up to that!

My final look was a sequinned V-neck dress with stringy back, paired with my black heels and a black shimmery clutch.


BTW, some of the other looks on the Wheel of Fortune were Work It At Work, Date Night and Neon. There were some great fluorescent pieces in the store, and a couple of girls did a great job with the neon look! Amidst general chatter, finger food and drinks, I bumped into a couple of friends, one of whom advised me to take a fashion risk. 😉 And oh, there were cupcakes too. A sweet end to a fun stylish evening.


Kate Beckinsale wears corset in Underworld Awakening, so how about trying a bustier?

Kate Beckinsale wears corset in Underworld Awakening, so how about trying a bustier?

If you’ve watched Underworld Awakening over the weekend, you couldn’t have missed the super-fit Kate Beckinsale dressed in an all-leather outfit and, most importantly, her leather corset.


It seems that Kate Beckinsale was more concerned about fitting into the leather corset than the daredevil stunts and the heavy-duty action scenes. Not surprising, considering that the first Underworld movie was shot almost a decade ago.

Nevertheless, if you think Kate Beckinsale looks sexy in this (I certainly do), there’s an easy way to get the corseted look without time-travelling to the Victorian era or holding your breath.

Say hello to the bustier!

La Senza pink bustier

Ok, not this bustier (from La Senza), but the ones I’ve written about below. Read on…

Why a bustier?

Sure, bustiers are usually associated with lingerie (they give the woman a higher bust line and a shapely waist), but as innerwear transformed into outerwear over the past few seasons, bustiers had a coming out of sorts (pun intended).

Bustier v/s corset

So what’s the difference between a bustier and a corset? For one, a bustier lacks the lacing and “boning” of a typical corset (they give shape to the wearer). Secondly, a bustier usually ends at the ribs or waist, while a corset can be of varying lengths.

If you want to wear a bustier to get a more defined torso, take your pick from the options below.

Bustier as a dress

Bustier dresses can be fitted or A-line, long or short.

Below: Denim bustier dress, Sabrina bustier bandage dress both from Forever New; Winter Love strapless dress from French Connection, gown from Jatin Varma (LFW W/F 2011)

Forevernew Cannes Denim bustier dressForevernew Sabrina Bustier Bandage DressFrench Connection Winter Love Strapless dress Jatin Varma LFW WF 2011 bustier2

Bustier as a top

I spotted a number of bustier tops at Bebe recently, and they looked absolutely fab! They ranged from sporty to sexy, and the satin ones were especially attractive. 🙂

Below: Space dye bustier top, Embellished pleated bustier, heart-shaped satin bustier, all from Bebe.

Bebe space-dye bustier pink Bebe embellished pleated bustier

Bebe heart shaped satin bustier

Bustier as a camisole or Indian-style blouse

Wear a bustier as a camisole under a sheer blouse, shirt or jacket. Or wear a bustier as a blouse with your sari or lehenga this wedding season.

Below: Lace bustier camisole from Forever New, look from Satya Paul LFW S/R 2011

Forevernew bustier cami

Satya Paul SR 2011 bustier


Bustier warning!

Wearing a bustier as outerwear is not easy, especially in India- it takes guts and a good figure. 🙂 So here are a couple of tips when you’re buying or wearing one.

A garment can only enhance what you already have—being in shape really helps. And not all bustier garments give good support. So be careful what you choose.

Innerwear matters: A bustier top or dress may require additional support from within especially if you’re a curvy girl. So shop for the right lingerie to look shapely and smart in your bustier.

Cover up: Bare shoulders and plunging neckline are not exactly appropriate or acceptable street wear in India. So wear a matching shrug or jacket over your bustier when you’re out, which you could take off when you’re indoors at a party or dinner.

Accessorise right: There’s nothing cooler than a long necklace to go with a bustier top or dress. Very flattering if you got the right curves!

Below: Feather charm necklace from Toniq

Feather- Charm Necklace - Copy

Are you ready to wear a bustier?