Chic Videos: Rohit Verma’s upcoming Style Strip, Fastrack’s banned ad (shocking stuff!)

Remember fashion designer (but more of a choreographer) Rohit Verma on Bigg Boss season 3? The super emo guy who cried and danced and was forced to keep mum? Here he is in two different umm… looks:

Rohit Verma1 Rohit Verma2

We’ve just learnt that Rohit Verma will soon have his own TV show called Style Strip on Zoom TV. From the promo, it seems like Rohit will be playing fashion police and tearing people’s sartorial choices apart. While we don’t have much to say about Rohit’s own styling after seeing the promo, we’re hoping the show is b****y and nasty. Let the claws come out, RV!

We only hope Rohit is as entertaining on Style Strip as he was on Bigg Boss 3 (wink, wink!).

Take a look at the promo:

Style Strip starts Aug 9, 6 pm on Zoom TV.

Fastrack’s banned ad: not suitable  for TV viewing

A teenaged girl (face not shown) gyrates to thumping music and does a striptease of sorts as she takes off her bra (with her tee still on). IT’s OFF! The bra, and 20% on watches and sunglasses at Fastrack.

So what if the ad is banned on TV? The Fastrack folks have been only too happy to put it online and we’re sure thousands of pimply-faced teen boys are even happier. Racy stuff, we say, but very clever and gutsy advertising.

What do you think about the banned Fastrack TV commercial?

Katrina on Bigg Boss: What’s she wearing?!

Katrina Kaif (currently of Sheela ki jawani fame) appeared on Bigg Boss 4 Friday night to promote her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan. While her off-screen wardrobe hasn’t been too bad recently, Katrina Kaif surprised us with her poor choice of outfit.

It was a red floor-length gown, sari-inspired (see the pallu and the draping), and it was worn over a strapless blouse. Or was it a sari inspired by a gown?

Katrina Kaif on Bigg Boss 4 red gown Katrina Kaif on Bigg Boss 4 red gown


The outfit was completely out of place on Bigg Boss 4, especially since Salman Khan’s wardrobe on the show is so casual. Gowns are best worn at red carpet events.

Also, Katrina is a big-boned girl, and the outfit draws attention to her broad hips. (Of course, if she’s okay with showing off her hips, we got no problem either!). Great collarbones and arms though.

But mostly, the outfit just sucks. After three days, we’re still not sure what it is, and the average Indian viewer would be just as confused.

An aside: Ace designer Tarun Tahiliani’s sari-gowns have been around for a while now, and while this might be designer’s take on the sari-gown, it fails miserably both as a sari and as a gown.

Meanwhile, we liked director Farah Khan’s casual yet sensible approach to dressing. Her kurta seems comfortable and practical, and the fit is just right for her body type.

What do you think of Katrina Kaif’s outfit on Bigg Boss 4?

Pictures courtesy: Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss: Veena Malik makes a leggy style statement

After Priyanka Chopra on Khatron ke Khiladi, it’s time for Bigg Boss’s Veena Malik to go very very short. In the episode aired on Thursday December 2, the Pakistani Bigg Boss contestant was seen wearing super-short black shorts, with a loose white shirt and sports jacket (purportedly Ashmit Patel’s).

Veena Mallik in Bigg Boss Veena Mallik in Bigg Boss shorts

Veena made the most of this short opportunity (pun intended) to show off her legs. She added drama to her look with her choice of footwear: her trademark high heeled pumps with err… patterned socks. Of course, wearing socks with sandals is not a fashion faux pas since last winter, but this is perhaps the first time we saw this on Indian television, worn with such nonchalance.

Check out Veena Malik’s pictures from Bigg Boss. With her style statement, she seems to be saying, “I have awesome legs, and I’m going to show them off.” Also: “If I get nominated in the near future, at least the men will vote for me/ my legs.”

What do you think of Veena’s style statement? Will you dare to wear shorts, heels and socks together?

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Fashion News: Big wedding in Bigg Boss!

Fashion News: Big wedding in Bigg Boss!

My first thought when I heard about the Sara Khan-Ali Merchant wedding on Bigg Boss 4: “OMG, what are they gonna wear? Track pants?!”

Turns out I need not worry: Bigg Boss has roped in designer Vikram Phadnis to design exclusive wedding outfits for the couple! Here are some preliminary sketches Vikram has made for the young couple. No one knows the final designs yet, but we need to wait just a bit to satisfy our curiosity.

What Sara will wear

Sara Khan will wear an exquisite lehenga embellished with intricate zardosi, gota and kundan embroidery, artistic motifs with gentle fluid drapes in vivid colours.

But which of these lehengas will Sara wear? Take your pick:

Sara Khan lehenga by Vikram Phadnis option 1 Sara Khan's wedding outfit by Vikram Phadnis option 2 Sara Khan bridal lehenga by Vikram Phadnis option 3

Sara’s jewellery

Kundan and jadau polki from Jaipur.

What Ali will wear

Sherwani in soft colours, embellished in antique gold and paired with a patchwork stole.

Ali Merchant's Bigg Boss sherwani option 1 Ali Merchant's wedding sherwani option 2 Ali Merchant's sherwani by Vikram Phadnis option 3

Are you looking forward to Sara and Ali’s wedding outfits on Bigg Boss 4?