Fashion hits & disasters from the Obama visit

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bid India farewell yesterday after a three-day visit. Everyone talked about the renewed N-deal, the R-day parade and the town hall, but of course I’ll be talking about fashion. 🙂 Here’s my take on the fashion hits and disasters of the Obamas’ India visit. (More disasters than hits).

Disaster #1: Michelle Obama’s arrival dress

As her “arrival” dress, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a printed dress made by Indian-origin designer Bibhu Mohapatra. My take: not impressive! The floral print on the dress was too big, even for someone of her height and frame. Plus the lines across the dress added more confusion to the outfit. Maybe she could have skipped the matching jacket for a plain one.

Michelle Obama floral dres Bibhu Mohapatra

Disaster #2: President Obama names PM Modi a “style icon”

At the state banquet Sunday evening, President Obama stated, “The Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] is a style icon. I would also like to wear a Modi kurta.” Sure, while the Modi kurta is perhaps Indian politics’ latest contribution to fashion (remember Nehru jacket?), I don’t think PM Modi is a style icon. Yes, his wardrobe his carefully selected and he ensures he is well-groomed, but style icon? Nope! (one good reason below).

Disaster #3: Narendra Modi’s “selfie” suit

What looked like a pinstripe suit from afar at the chai pe charcha (evening tea), was actually lines and lines of the PM’s name all over. Take a look:

PM Modi suit tea with Obama

PM Modi suit tea with Obama

Now you know why PM Modi isn’t a style icon.

Disaster #4: … And the grey one

In the 1980s I remember all the male members of my family wearing grey “safari” suits, but the truth is that grey is not a flattering colour for most Indian men. But PM Modi wore light grey at the state banquet and well, didn’t carry it off. A darker grey or a navy blue would have looked so much better. And the tan shoes with the grey bandhgala? Oh no, no, no! :-O

Obamas PM Modi banquet

Hit #1: Michelle Obama’s state banquet dress

Ms Obama’s navy blue billowy dress with a gold and red print looked fantastic. She was a picture of poise and elegance as she greeted Indian VIPs. It was the right touch of colour, a pleasing print and totally appropriate.

Hit #2: Indian First Lady gifts FLOTUS a pashmina shawl

Awww… sweet gesture from Indian First Lady Suvra Mukherjee. I’m sure Michelle Obama receives plenty of gifts wherever she goes, but an authentic pashmina shawl is always special. I wonder if she will ever use it though? (No, don’t answer that).


LFW S/R 2012: Day 2 highlights

LFW S/R 2012: Day 2 highlights

Best looks from Day 2 at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012:

Bibhu Mohapatra

Edgy and sexy!

Bibhu Mohapatra at LFW S/R 2012

Komal Sood

Hand-painted garments that scream “Holi hai!”

Komal Sood at LFW S/R 2012

Payal Khandwala

Abstractionist art seeped into fashion with deep jewel tones, neutrals and pure whites. What I liked most was the use of flowing silhouettes with strong angles.

Payal Khandwala at LFW S/R 2012

Bhairavi Jaikishan

Rainbow of colours with embellishments using resham, sequins, crystals, 3D embroidery, gold and silver zari on nets.

Bhairavi Jaikishan at LFW S/R 2012

Accessories of the day

It was a day of accessories—they stood out in almost every show. So more space for the accessories today.

Mineral by Priyadarshini Rao

The sling bags were by AKA Bespoke. Wear them everywhere!

Mineral by PRIYADARSHINI RAO at LFW S/R 2012

Nitya Arora

Bags and jewellery, liked the use of spikes and semi precious stones in eye-popping colours. Wear the neck pieces with a white shirt and jeans.

Nitya Arora at LFW S/R 2012

Suhani Pittie

There’s not much to say about Suhani Pittie, except that I absolutely love her accessories. This time, delicate leaves, entwining vines, roses, and the hint of a graceful swan’s wing, the elegant peacock, the hornbill’s beak and the beauty of the spiral rivet were the motifs.

Suhani Pittie at LFW S/R 2012

Hats at Shift

Super cute! And you can wear them the entire season… with everything.

Nimish Shah at LFW S/R 2012

Beauty looks of the day

Blue eyeshadow over the lid and the brow bone at Mineral by Priyadarshini Rao.


On my wishlist

Bibhu Mohapatra dress

Let the picture below say a thousand words!

Bibhu Mohapatra at LFW S/R 2012

Suhani Pittie’s accessories

Hair band, belt, necklace—everything!

Suhani Pittie at LFW S/R 2012

Nitin Bal Chauhan (at Disney Couture)

I’m ready for treated denim. Bring it on!

Disney Couture presents Memories of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse by Little Shilpa & Nitin Bal Chauhan

Set of the day

The cafe for Nitin Bal Chauhan at Disney Couture.

Disney Couture

Special moments

Minnie Mouse walks the ramp at Disney Couture show.

Disney Couture presents Memories of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse by Little Shilpa & Nitin Bal Chauhan8

Customary Bollywood appearance of the day

Amy Jackson for Bhairavi Jaikishan.

Bhairavi Jaikishan at LFW S/R 2012

LFW S/R 2012 Day 2: Shows to watch today

LFW S/R 2012 Day 2: Shows to watch today

Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012 is going to be super fun, because the shows and themes have me intrigued!

Suhani Pittie

I always enjoy her jewellery, because she works with a range of materials from metal to stones, and her treatment and textures are unique.

Below: From Suhani Pittie at LFW S/R 2011

Suhani Pittie LFW S/R 2011

Bhairavi Jaikishan

Bhairavi is among the handful of Indian wear designers who usually tends to not go OTT. All the more reason to catch her show.

Disney Couture with Nitin Bal Chauhan and Little Shilpa

Disney, anarchistic Nitin Bal Chauhan, offbeat Little Shilpa. This will be one very powerful fashion combination!

Bibhu Mohapatra

It’s his first collection being presented in India, and he’s been received rave reviews overseas. Enough said!