WARNING: This wedding jewellery is seriously drool-worthy

Loved the wedding outfit ideas I posted a couple of days ago? The next step is to choose gorgeous jewellery to accompany the gorgeous ensembles you’ve picked for the wedding season.

While jewellery is not as fickle as fashion, there are some jewellery themes that are popular right now and of course you need to know what they are. I’ve handpicked the most representative jewellery pieces to guide your purchases and “what to wear” choices.

Ladies, get ready to bust the bank to get your hands on these.


Yep, this one’s a no-brainer. Wear diamonds with absolutely anything and you’re bound to look and feel elegant, beautiful and stunning. (Bracelet from Hema S Kothari, Feather palm bracelet by Social Butterfly by Laila Singh, Regal multi-diamond necklace from Velvetcase.com)

Bracelet by Hema S. Kothari (2)


Regal Mutli- Diamond Bridal Necklace, Rs 11,60,187


Okay, so another no-brainer. India’s traditional jewellery can make any woman feel like a princess. And jadau is giving serious competition to diamonds as the go-to jewellery style. (Earrings from Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, cuff by Falguni Mehta)

Jadau earrings

Jadau Jewellery by Falguni Mehta (3)

Diamond + jadau

You’ve got the best of both worlds in a single jewellery piece. Your jewellery choice just became easier. (Set from Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, set from Gehna Jewellers)

Jadau and diamond


Red and green

The Indian festive favourites! Whether it comes to diamonds or jadau, jewellery with red and green precious and semi-precious stones (or other elements) will always be a handy accessory! (Bracelet by Hema S Kothari, necklace from Velvetcase.com, set from Jagat Jewels)

 Bracelet by Hema S. Kothari



Majestic Ruby Diamond Necklace, Rs 4,90,012


Versatile pieces

Flexibility is the need of the hour whether it’s your work timings or jewellery. Jewellers are now giving us options— such as detachable pieces and neutral designs (can be worn with western and ethnic outfits). So a single jewellery investment gives you a lot more returns! (Earrings from Sonal’s Bijoux, detachable jhumkis from Pink City, solitaire pendant from TBZ)

Ocean Drop Earrings with Swarovski Surround from Adawna by Sonal's Bijoux

detachable jhumkis- 2,84,000


Pearl story

Pearls are another classic jewellery style, but they need a 21st century makeover (Gen Y doesn’t like to wear pearl strings), so now they’re being incorporated into other jewellery styles like diamonds and jadau. (Set from Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, set from Jagat Jewels, earrings from Falguni Mehta)

pearl necklace


Jadau Jewellery by Falguni Mehta (1)


To copy the most over-used fashion cliché—it’s a riot of colours. When your clothes are colourful, why why not your jewellery? Besides red and green, there are sparkly purples, oranges and peaches to add some hues to your jewellery box. (Earrings from Minawala Jewellers, ring from Jagat Jewels, earrings from Sonal’s Bijoux, pendant and earrings from Farah Khan Ali for Tanishq)

Festive Collection By Minawala (14)

IMG_1195 T

Pear Drop and Floral Motif Danglings with Swarovski Crystals from Adawna by Sonal's Bijoux


Bollywood jewellery, Minawala style

Over the decades, most creative fields in India (from dance to fashion) have been strongly influenced by Bollywood and the people who make it glamourous. This season, it’s Minawala’s design team that’s caught the Bollywood bug and has created a collection that follows Bollywood trends and style.

I got a good look at the Bollywood by Design collection when I visited the Minawala store last week. The range is about drama, glamour, beauty, grace and charisma. In jewellery trends, this has been translated into colour, exclusivity, highly stylized contemporary designs, and of course, a touch of OTT.

Take a look at these colourful earrings from the Minawala collection:

Minawala earrings  Minawala (140) Minawala (141)

Minawala Jewellers diamond necklace

Rightly so, there were also plenty of diamonds in the collection, used artistically with precious and semi-precious stones to create several multi-coloured pieces of jewellery. The stand-out pieces were statement earrings, oversized cocktail rings and multi-tiered necklaces.

My favourite piece? This kada featuring beautiful diamonds in several cuts.

Diamond cuff from Minawala

Some fashion tips I picked up from the Bollywood By Design jewellery:

  • Fashion is fickle- it changes every season. But jewellery trends are everlasting. Invest in a few good pieces and you could wear them forever, unlike clothes which you need to discard every season or at least once a year.
  • Go OTT with jewellery when you want to look glamourous like the stars. Team your diamond jewellery with a stylish dress or gown for an evening out. It’s okay to “over dress”, but make sure you don’t resemble Diwali fireworks.
  • Use colour (plenty of it!) in clothes, accessories and jewellery. While fashion dictates specific colours every season, jewellery trends don’t usually follow such rigid stories, which makes choosing your jewellery easier.
  • Wear a statement piece of jewellery for an elegant look. It could be dangling earrings, an eye-catching cuff or ring. Diamond jewellery can be worn on all occasions, but is best suited for classy, tasteful style.
  • While we usually choose our clothes first, and then our jewellery, why not try dressing the other way round once in a while? Pick the piece of jewellery you wish to highlight, then put together the rest of your ensemble. 🙂

Minawala’s Bollywood By Design collection is available at Minawala stores in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru.

I am a Mia Woman—are you as beautiful as your work?

I am a Mia Woman—are you as beautiful as your work?

This blog post is a contest entry for the Mia by Tanishq Blogger Contest. You can check out the Mia TV ad on YouTube, and the gorgeous Mia by Tanishq jewellery collection here.

I am a multi-tasker by choice. I’m part of a marketing team by day, and full-time fashion blogger at night. For both jobs, I am constantly looking out for new ideas, exploring new avenues, dreaming of new content….

Both jobs require me to communicate important messages to the right people while making sure my work looks appealing. There are several things that need to look great when I work on something for office or the blog — numbers in black Arial from monthly reports, boring press releases, and seemingly-disconnected fashion pictures.

No one really wants to read rows of numbers on a sheet or images that mean nothing. There has to be a connection somewhere- maybe even some sort of story, right? And that’s why I try to brainstorm– to make sense of what I need to write as a report or blog post. I may need to sell an idea to the team at work, or hot trends to my blog readers.

So how does that happen? I read everything I have- again and again till I can figure out a “story”, with a specific purpose. This could be anything- from convincing my boss on a new SOP we should make, or making readers think they’d look great in this colour or that print.

Van Heusen Limited Edition

Once the purpose is clear, everything falls into place! The boring numbers get transformed into simple categories, arranged in neat columns demarcated by colours and type of information. The press releases are completely re-written, and the drab documents get a new look with a theme and an eye-catching layout.

Embellishments, colours and fabrics suddenly appear in a different light– making for a hot trend! A collection of pictures becomes a slide show or gallery. For quarterly and monthly reviews, the right pictures are selected and re-arranged, while mostly meaningless data shows insight into the business. With each slide, blog post, chart, or even a spreadsheet formula that I work on, I aim to make a lasting impact, and make it fun, reader-friendly and as creative as possible. The standard “templates” for work or blogging are certainly not for me.

Yes, transforming the terribly mundane to the creatively exciting is part of my daily life, and I’m loving it. And that’s why I’m as beautiful as my work. Smile Are you?

Chic List: Things that shine! (Part 2)

Chic List: Things that shine! (Part 2)

In my earlier post, I shared some carefully-selected clothes that “shone”, especially those with metallic finishes. Today it’s all about the accessories!

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough metallic-finish accessories, but there are some glittering patent-finish and croc-textured options that put gold to shame. Here are my picks:


Metallic bag from Calvin Klein Jeans (love the texture!)

CKJ metallic bag AW 12

Croc shopper from French Connection

FC Camden Croc Zip Shopper Bag

Bag from Steve Madden



Metallic finish slip-ons and heels can dress up any outfit!

Vanilla Moon


Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith silver shoes


Steve Madden




Pendant from Myra- The New Age Chic Collection by Tara Jewellers

Myra's the New Age Chic Collection by Tara Jewellers (1)

Bangles from Toniq

Toniq-9923 (1500 x 1000)

Bonus: Makeup that shines!

Maybelline hyperglossy eye liner

Maybelline hyperglossy liner

Body pigment powder from Inglot

body pigment powder 17 Rs. 800

Chic Accessories: Jewellery inspirations and how to wear them (Part 2)

Chic Accessories: Jewellery inspirations and how to wear them (Part 2)

In my previous post, I wrote about some jewellery inspirations with some suggestions to wear them. Here are some more:

Inspiration: Flowers

If you can wear flowers on your shirt, skirt or trousers, why not on your jewellery? Crafted flowers (not just motifs) bring freshness to an ensemble.

Chic tip: Wear floral inspirations with pastel colours, and avoid floral prints please!

Below: Ring from Porrati

Porrati- PIR00019 - Copy

Inspiration: Everyday objects

Anything and everything can be adorned as jewellery- from unexpected objects like binoculars to antique-like cassettes.

Chic tip: Dare to pair with a funky print that showcases your quirky side.

Below: Binoculars charm necklace from Toniq

Binoculars- Charm Necklace - Toniq

Inspiration: The river Ganga

I’ve liked the jewellery of Tanishq’s just-launched Ganga collection, especially the earrings and bangles. The designs are derived from the various moods of the river Ganga.

Chic tip: Keep your look classic yet modern. Wear with sequins dresses and saris to a wedding.

Below: Earrings  from Tanishq


Inspiration: Tribal

Tribal touches have been a key trend this spring/ summer (check out Burberry Prorsum’s womenswear collection). It’s still not too late to wear them.

Chic tip: Combine a tribal accessory with the colour blocking trend- you can wear contrasting or similar hues for a chic look!

Below: Chain cord necklace from Zara

Zara chain cord and colour necklace

What kind of accessories are you wearing these days?

Chic Accessories: Jewellery inspirations and how to wear them (Part 1)

Chic Accessories: Jewellery inspirations and how to wear them (Part 1)

Like clothing trends, fine and art jewellery is inspired by everything around us- from popular culture to mundane objects to wild nature. Here’s a look at jewellery inspirations and how to wear them:

Inspiration: Safari

Choose an exotic animal or bird- tiger, rhinoceros, giraffe or kingfisher. Then wear it on your wrist, finger or neck.

Chic Tip: Wear with a loose blouse, feminine skirt and kitten heels. The idea is to look cute, rather than just cool.

Below: Elephant charm and Fantasy bird ring, both from Toniq

Elephant Charm from Toniq

Fantasy Bird- Ring from Toniq


Inspiration: Vintage

Oversized coloured rings and pendants are popular these days (I have a white stone pendant). So are faux and real diamonds designed in the 1940s style.

Chic Tip: Diamond earrings look gorgeous with delicate lace or net saris. Wear it to a cocktail, sangeet or reception. And don’t forget the red lips.

Below: Ring and earrings from Aldo Accessories

Aldo Accessories vintage ring

Aldo Accessories earrings vintage

Inspiration: Horror

Skulls remind me of exorcists in old Hindi movies. But they can be fun accessories!

Chic Tip: Don’t think so much! Throw on an old crew neck cotton tee and jeans. Or better, borrow your brother/ boyfriend’s graphic print tee.

Below: Touch skull bracelet from Mango.

Mango Touch skull bracelet

Inspiration: The heart and soul

If you’re a “thinker”, jewellery designs with metaphors and multiple meanings will appeal to you. For instance, Eina Ahluwalia’s recent collection presents the heart in a new form and perceives the eye to be the window to the soul.

Chic Tip: Wear unique pieces of jewellery with minimal looks, and make the accessory the centrepiece of your ensemble.

Below: Heart of Gold earrings,  Door to the Soul necklace, both from Breathing Space by Eina Ahlawalia.

Eina Ahluwalia Heart of Gold earrings

Eina Ahluwalia Door to the soul necklace


What jewellery inspiration are you wearing today?

More jewellery inspirations to come. Watch out for part 2.

Chic Jewellery Trends: Gold gets a twist, diamonds still rule

What image comes to mind when we say “gold jewellery”? Aunties loaded with bling, boring decades-old designs and weddings, right? We felt the same, till we saw some interesting new gold jewellery late last week.

Contemporary gold jewellery is about using the precious metal as moldable clay, focussing on intricate and delicate designs with special attention given to craftsmanship.

For instance, at the recent India International Jewellery Week 2011, jewellery designer Pallavi Foley made gold into wearable art. She twisted and turned 18K gold in unexpected ways, creating 3D forms, graceful drapes and waves and dramatic movements. Her latest collection is seems fun to wear. In the pictures below, Pallavi has used fresh water pearls with gold.

Showstopper for Pallavi Foley - Parizaad Zorabian in gold  Model sporting Pallavi Foley's jewellery
And at the India International Jewellery Show 2011, the World Gold Council presented a selection of jewellery especially targeted at young Indian consumers. The selection comprised pieces from Amrapali Jewellers and Derawala Jewellers.

Below: Statement cuff; Earrings from World Gold Council

Statement Cuffs by The World Gold Council Earrings from World Gold Council

Meanwhile, diamonds continue to be a girl’s best friend as we saw at the Gehna Jewellers show last week. Here is Angela Jonnson in a gorgeous tiara, cuff, ring and necklace.

Angela Jonnson at Gehna Jewellers at IIJW 2011

What do you think of the style of gold jewellery? Would you wear it?

India International Jewellery Week 2011 starts today, Sonam Kapoor to inaugurate

India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) is set for a grand opening show today with Gitanjali presents ‘Beti’, a presentation in association with Beti, a campaign against female foeticide. Dozens of celebs are expected to walk the ramp for the post-noon show. Sonam Kapoor, the brand ambassador for the event, will kickstart the show.

Below: Glimpses of IIJW collections of Anmol Jewellers and Gehna Jewellers.

Anmol Jewellers at IIJW  Gehna Jewellers at IIJW 

The jewellery designers and design houses scheduled to showcase at the five-day event include:

  • Gitanjali Group
  • Khyati (Eekani Jewels)
  • Sangam Chains
  • Amrapali
  • Gehna Jewellers
  • C Krishniah Chetty & Sons
  • Tanishq,Rosily Paul
  • Vijay Golecha (Golecha’s Jewels)
  • International Gemological Institute
  • Johara Jewels by Divya Ahuja
  • Scintillating Jewellery
  • Kays Jewels Pvt. Ltd
  • CVM Exports
  • GIA India
  • Dipti Amisha
  • Jewels Emporium
  • YS 18
  • Sawansukha Jewelllers Pvt. Ltd
  • Manubhai Gems Pvt. Ltd
  • Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers
  • Anmol Jewellers
  • Surana Gems & Jewellery
  • Laxmi Jewellery Exports Pvt. Ltd
  • Kashi Jewellers
  • Alpana Gujral
  • Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas

Below: From Eekani Jewels at IIJW, Dwarakadas Chandumal Jewellers at IIJW.

Eekani Jewels at IIJW 2011 Dwarakadas Chandumal Jewellers at IIJW

And if there’s jewellery, there’s bound to be glamour, high fashion, page three celebs and Bollywood. So fashion-watchers will see Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora, Hema Malini, Zarine Khan, Kalki Koechlin, Zeenat Aman, Amrita Rao, Perizaad Zorabian and Feroze Gujral walk the ramp over the next few days.

IIJW will run from July 31 to August 4, 2011 in Mumbai. The event is organised by the Gem and Jewellery Promotion Council (GJEPC), and Sonam Kapoor is the brand ambassador for this edition of IIJW.

Chic guide: Fashionable (and affordable) things to do this week

Category: Fashion

Budget: Up to Rs 10,000

What to do: Shop designers for less

Styles for Less @ Ensemble - 1 - Copy

Designer steals aren’t restricted to online sales sites that deliver dresses by the time they’re out of season. Ensemble’s Styles for Less promotion is a great way to grab top Indian fashion designers like Rajesh Pratap, Wendell Rodricks, Tarun Tahiliani, Cue By Rahul and Rohit Gandhi, Savio Jon, Pankaj & Nidhi, Gaurav Gupta and Prashant Verma for Rs 10,000 or less! The range of designs will be a fashion lover’s delight: from casual tops to dressy numbers. Our cards are ready to be swiped.

Styles for Less is on till June 17, 2011 at Ensemble—Kemps Corner, Mumbai.

Category: Accessories

Budget: Up to Rs 5000

What to do: Go for blue

Oxidised silver jewellery will always be a great option to go with traditional wear, so bring a dash of turquoise to your jewellery box (we like this little set from Amrapali—below left). And while you’re at it, don’t ignore blues for casual wear (necklace from Toniq)!

  Paradise Rs 469 (2000 x 2667)

Category: Beauty/ Makeup

Budget: Up to Rs 1000

What to do: Update your eye makeup for monsoon

The drops of joy every monsoon can be a nightmare for us girls who love our makeup. So stock up on Lakmé’s newest eye makeup products from its popular Nine to Five range. The Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate are long-lasting, smudge-proof and water-resistant. The Forever Silk Eyeliner comes in seven metallic shades while the Kohl Ultimate is a kohl, smudger and sharpener all in one stick.


Kohl Ultimate

Forever Silk Eyeliner is priced at Rs 395; Kohl Ultimate is for Rs 650.

What chic things are you planning to do this week?

Chic Friday facts: How India’s super rich buy clothes and jewellery

Couple days ago, we stumbled upon a report that had practically nothing to do with fashion. But some parts of the report were interesting enough for us to share with our chic readers. The report, called Top of the Pyramid (TOP India), is all about how ultra HNIs (ultra high net worth individuals) aka super rich Indians spend and invest their money.

Here are the fashionable bits that interested us:

Interesting insight: Though ultra HNIs plan big purchases with family, 58% of their apparel and accessories purchases are impulse buys, while 41% are planned with family.

TOP India spending apparel fashion accessories

We say: Window shopping is never easy—there are temptations galore. Even the higher price tags don’t keep the super rich away from impulse buys. We’re kinda surprised by the proportion of people willing to plan their clothing purchases though. Good planning makes for sensible shopping, what say?

“Although the preference is for well-known brands, the ultra HNI is not averse to bargain purchases.”

So everyone likes good deals aka sale shopping!


Fact: Ultra HNIs in Delhi are relatively the biggest spenders on jewellery.

Jewellery TOP India report

We say: No surprise there! Delhi is all about exuberance and being OTT, right? 😉

Statement: The Inheritors* and the Self-made* spend more on jewellery than the Professionals*. The more
prosperous you are, the more the jewellery on your person.

We say: Do you think this is true for all—what about elegance and the “minimal” look?

Big jewellery brands

The report opines that the major global jewellery brands like Cartier and Tiffany are not as successful as leading family jewellers and independent jewellery designers due to their “limited range, lack of custom-made designs and reluctance of Indians to pay a premium for
designer jewellery.”

True—Indians love jewellery that no one else is wearing.

Apparel and accessories

Interesting insight: The Inheritors are more drawn towards international designer brands and purchase their fave brands on foreign trips.

We say: While I’m not an ultra HNI, I do agree with the respondents who say that the shopping experience, available range, quality and prices are much better abroad.

Meanwhile, Professionals are relatively not very big spenders on clothes.

Ultra HNI TOP India report

The biggest spenders on designer apparel and accessories are from Mumbai.

We say: So while Delhi spends more on jewellery, Mumbai wins the battle of the clothes. Which city dresses better though? Our vote goes to Delhi.

Numbers: The potential market for apparel and accessories in India was estimated at Rs 64 billion as of 2010-11, and its mainstay is Indian traditional wear, saris and designer wear, particularly for weddings and personal collections.

We say: ZOMG! The number caught us by surprise, but we’re happy to note that people love buying (and wearing) traditional wear, despite most of us unable to drape a sari or keep a dupatta in place. Long live the sari!

If you want more such interesting insights, leave your query in the comments below.

* The researchers from Kotak Wealth and CRISIL Research have classified India’s ultra HNIs into three groups: Inheritors are born with a silver spoon, and have inherited high net worth; Self-made are first generation entrepreneurs whose success in business turned them wealthy; and Professionals are qualified, highly skilled professionals who gained wealth because the companies that employed them grew big.

The report Top of the Pyramid (TOP India- Decoding the ultra HNI) is a newly-launched annual report by Kotak Mahindra Bank and CRISIL.