Bollywood Fashion: Madhuri Dixit vs Urmila on TV dance shows

What’s common between Madhuri Dixit and Urmila Matondkar? Both “former”/ “semi-retired” actors have now made the TV their home and judge dance reality shows. Madhuri Dixit judges celebrities dancing on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, while Urmila has just joined the panel on Chak Dhoom Dhoom (Team Challenge).

Here in ends the similarity. Madhuri Dixit has always epitomised grace, natural Indian beauty and charm. Urmila, on the other hand, has tried to play the spunky modern Indian girl since her Rangeela days. And the difference continues… in their fashion choices on the small screen.

While both actors are no longer young, Madhuri Dixit seems to have accepted that she’s now a mom. Playing the role of a good Indian mom, she’s been wearing Sabyasachi saris and kurta-churidars on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, comfortable enough to dance in them. Her makeup and hair are appropriate for her age, and she gives her look an Indian touch with flowers in her hair, a simple bun, bangles or other jewellery.

Madhuri Dixit in Jhalak Dikhla Ja

Urmila, on the other hand, is an eyesore. In Saturday’s episode, she wore a blingy outfit, with big hair, which made me quickly change the channel. Here’s Urmila in her first episode, in a colour that doesn’t suit her, her typical hair style (bangs blow-dried on the side), and makeup that’s completely unbecoming (it ages her). And her cleavage-revealing dress just makes me feel sad for her: is she that desperate to get attention? Wisen up, Ms Matondkar.

Urmila Matondkar in Chak Dhoom Dhoom

Our only complaint with Madhuri Dixit: she’s chosen to stick to safe Sabyasachi choices. Yawwnn! So please, please, Madhuri, either get Sabyasachi to design more exciting saris and suits. Take a hint from co-judge Malaika Arora Khan. She likes to have fun with her clothes.. (Her outfits on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa are by Vikram Phadnis).

malaika Arora Khan in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

What do you think of Madhuri Dixit and Urmila Matondkar’s TV outfits?

Tennis Fashion: Colours and cutouts for women at Australian Open 2011

Two things we’ve seen in abundance this Australian Open: predictable match results disappointments and questionable women’s fashion.

Kim Clijsters has gone green for this slam, and we applaud her for it. Meanwhile, Russian player Vera Zvonareva wears some weird muddy-brown-maroon with a cut-out back.

Kim Clijsters green Vera Zvonareva dress

And Zvonareva is not the only one with a personal take on fashion. Caroline Wozniacki is wearing a pleated skirt and layering her tennis dress with slips and shorts in various colours: from pink to orange. (Sheer is a key spring/summer trend). PS: Don’t miss her accessories (earrings, pendant and bracelets) and pop-coloured nails.

Caroline Wozniacki tennis dress

Of course, no tennis grand slam fashion story is complete without a special mention of Ms Venus Williams. This time, she claims to have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland (the movie or the book?), and has worn a different outfit in every match: criss-crossed tops teamed with printed skirts, and a bejewelled black “tennis” dress that we’d rather wear to a cocktail party (if at all). Venus has accessorised with dangling earrings and her shocking flesh-coloured shorts. Pity to see her retire early in the tourney. Who else can serve such sartorial double faults?

Venus Williams dress

Which women tennis player’s outfit did you like at the Australian Open 2011?

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Tresmode Calendar Launch: Chic shoes, and an eeks!

Fashionable footwear brand Tresmode launched its first calendar couple days ago at a fun Sunday brunch in Mumbai.

About the Tresmode Calendar

High on fashion, the pictures are shot by photographer Gaurav Sawn and the calendar is designed by Jaideep Thackeray.

I’ve already hung up the calendar on my bedroom wall, and can’t help but admire the Vizyon dresses, and some of the Curio Cottage jewellery is now on my wishlist. Some of the Tresmode shoes are gorgeous.

Our favourite pics: July and September.

Tresmode calendar July

Tresmode calendar September

While the calendar pictures are gorgeous, we wished we could use it like an ordinary calendar as well. Like some space around dates to jot down birthdays, meetings, weddings and other events. After all, fashionistas have packed social calendars.

Fashion Eeeeks of the launch

Meanwhile, at the brunch, starlets hobnobbed; and where there are “famous people”, there are bound to be fashion several faux pas.

But Rohit Roy’s checked pants gets our vote for the Fashion Eeeeks of the day. Yes, we know checks are in vogue, but please spare us this. And what’s with the man cleavage? Women never liked it. So why don’t men just get it?

Rohit Roy pants bad fashion Rohit Roy Tresmode launch

Katrina on Bigg Boss: What’s she wearing?!

Katrina Kaif (currently of Sheela ki jawani fame) appeared on Bigg Boss 4 Friday night to promote her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan. While her off-screen wardrobe hasn’t been too bad recently, Katrina Kaif surprised us with her poor choice of outfit.

It was a red floor-length gown, sari-inspired (see the pallu and the draping), and it was worn over a strapless blouse. Or was it a sari inspired by a gown?

Katrina Kaif on Bigg Boss 4 red gown Katrina Kaif on Bigg Boss 4 red gown


The outfit was completely out of place on Bigg Boss 4, especially since Salman Khan’s wardrobe on the show is so casual. Gowns are best worn at red carpet events.

Also, Katrina is a big-boned girl, and the outfit draws attention to her broad hips. (Of course, if she’s okay with showing off her hips, we got no problem either!). Great collarbones and arms though.

But mostly, the outfit just sucks. After three days, we’re still not sure what it is, and the average Indian viewer would be just as confused.

An aside: Ace designer Tarun Tahiliani’s sari-gowns have been around for a while now, and while this might be designer’s take on the sari-gown, it fails miserably both as a sari and as a gown.

Meanwhile, we liked director Farah Khan’s casual yet sensible approach to dressing. Her kurta seems comfortable and practical, and the fit is just right for her body type.

What do you think of Katrina Kaif’s outfit on Bigg Boss 4?

Pictures courtesy: Bigg Boss

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Bollywood Fashion: Kangana Ranaut teaches some fashion lessons

Kangana Ranaut appeared last night on Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 with her No Problem co-actors Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. For the few minutes she was on the show, her appearance screamed Fashion Disaster. Take a look:

Kangana Ranaut in KBC4

Here’s some fashion lessons we picked up from Kangana’s not-so-good look on KBC 4.

Fashion Lesson #1: Winter floral prints look great!

Fashion Lesson #2: You can dress for winter, even if you’re not bundled up in layers.

Kangana’s blue bodycon dress is perhaps the closest she could have got to a winter outfit in Mumbai’s non-existent winter.

Fashion Lesson #3: Trendy makeup is great, as long as it looks good on you.

Statement lips are hot this season, but Kangana Ranaut has chosen the wrong colour for her, and isn’t able to pull off the glossy bright red lips.

Fashion Lesson #4: Think thrice before changing your hair colour.

Kangana is proud of her curls and can work short hair, but her hair colour is completely out of whack. Along with the glossy red lipstick, it gives her a, well, not-so-genteel look.

Fashion Lesson #5: You can skip accessories

No earrings, no bracelets, no statement necklace, not even a watch. And why not? Kangana Ranaut’s dress does the talking.

Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor looked dapper on the same show.

Anil Kapoor in KBC4

What do you think of Kangana Ranaut’s look on Kaun Banega Crorepati 4?

Fashion Eeeks: Weird pants!

Caution: Spy shot!

I spotted a steel industrialist’s daughter, who’s married to a hotelier, at a recent fashion week (let’s call her N) . And her outfit was worthy enough to make it to Speaking Chic’s Fashion Eeeks pages. 😉

N was wearing a black Mango tshirt with ummmm… loose pants? There’s a band of some kind of embroidery on the printed pants. And the result: yikes!

Weird pants

Dearest N,  you could wear those pants while walking your dog or chilling at home. Or not buy those horrendous pants at all. I’m sure you can hire a stylist or buy better clothes, right?

LFW: Neeta Lulla’s blinding collection

My eyes! My eyes! Neeta Lulla’s Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010 collection was an uncomfortable experience, to say the least. At one point, I wanted to close my eyes and walk out of the main show area.

Too loud. Too OTT. Too much bling. I should have worn dark glasses to the show.

As a journalist later told me, “Ghastly!”

Neeta Lulla at LFW Neeta Lulla sari at LFW

PS— As mentioned in our Neeta Lulla preview, we weren’t expecting much from the show, but we never thought it would be this bad either. Sigh!

Eeeks: Fashion disasters at US Open

Earlier this week, we promised you more fashion disasters from US Open 2010, and here they are.

Leading the pack can be none other than Venus Williams, whose outfits everyone loves to hate. Speaking Chic reported earlier this year that her Wimbledon outfit rode up a bit too much. And this tournament it seems to be doing the same, but this time she’s got flesh-coloured umm… undies. Also, she calls the little jewels on her dress the “fireworks”.

“This outfit was supposed to be about New York. It’s like bursts of fireworks.” – Venus Williams

Here’s a glimpse of her pink dress (she’s also got the same in black), with a view from the back.

venus_pink_US_2010 venus_pink_back

Then we have Maria “Shrieky” Sharapova, who loves experimenting with her tennis outfits, and this time trying a bit too hard to get some kind of collar(?) into her tennis dress (below left). Meanwhile, Caroline Wozniacki’s gone too short (below right).

sharapova_US2010 wozniacki_US_2010

Among the men, the Bryan brothers are wearing very bright and colourful tees, best worn in college (below left). And Frenchman Gael Monfils is wearing wear-at-home shorts (below right).

Bryans_US_2010 monfils_US_2010

Who’s the worst of the fashion disasters at the US Open this year?

Bad Fashion: Rafa pulls a flashy one

Oh dear, oh dear. As if there weren’t enough fashion disasters at the US Open this year already, on Sunday morning my favourite tennis player Rafael Nadal took to the court wearing… fluorescent green! Immediate reactions from family and via text messages from concerned friends:

“Horrible! Awful!”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He needs a stylist, now!”

I couldn’t agree more. Take a look:


My eyes, my eyes!

Check out an an earlier match in the Grand Slam in which Rafael wore an all-black outfit, with flashes of the same neon green.

Rafael_Nadal_match1  Rafael_Nadal_sneakers

Here’s a close-up of his shoes, perfectly coordinated with both his tees, but way too bright.

Meanwhile, Rafa sent his opponent (cute French monsieur Gilles Simon) packing in straight sets. I wonder how much of Rafael Nadal’s victory was to do with him blinding Simon, and how much due to his on-court prowess. But as a Rafa fangirl, I believe it’s mostly the latter. 🙂

Meanwhile, check out last year’s US Open fashion report.

PS—More US Open fashion disasters to come! Stay tuned.

Dance: Amazing acrobatics, bad fashion

[tweetmeme source=”spkngchic” only_single=false]

Speaking Chic recently headed out to a Chinese acrobatics show, expecting to be enthralled by the mind-numbing movements. And while the young Chinese acrobats from the China National Acrobatic Troupe performed well (though they weren’t flawless), we left the show with mixed reactions.

We liked some of the balancing, juggling, spinning, and even athletic acts the troupe did, but a couple of glaring mistakes left us feeling the show was far from a true glimpse of the Great Chinese Culture.

Firstly, the music was far from the sweet, melodious Chinese tunes that I’d have loved to hear. Instead the acts were performed to loud, throbbing techno-pop-electronica you hear in a bad night club. And the garish costumes just drew attention away from the talent on display. No flowing silks, none of the Chinese prints and embroidery patterns. There were sequins everywhere, bejewelled leotards and similar—the kind you see dancing starlets wear at a Bollywood awards night.

And here’s the fashion disaster of the evening—a Chinese teenage boy dressed head to toe in leather! The teenager juggled shimmering hats while sporting a leather jacket, tight leather shorts, and thigh-high leather boots, blingy all over. Eeeeeesh! Take a look:

 leather all over 

The performance was organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China and India-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry, to mark the 60th anniversary of India-China “diplomatic relations” (the less said about that, the better—Speaking Chic does not discuss politics ;-)).

Meanwhile, check out some of the other body- and mind-bending acts below: straw hat juggling, skipping giant ropes as a pyramid, a rotating human pyramid, umbrella kicking while balancing on someone else’s feet and a really young contortionist. Some of them made me go Wowwwww!

straw hats juggling       rope skipping

contortionist_candles   umbrella kicking

                         human pyramid

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