Winter Wear: Fur coats, anyone?

This season, more than any other in recent times, designers rocked the ramp with fur. Yup, protests, processions, anti-fur campaigns, PETA notwithstanding. Fur appeared on coats and jackets (the obvious), skirts, boots and hats. Here’s Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Chanel fur  Jean Paul Gaultier fur  John Galliano fur

Taking a cue from the top-notch international designers, high street brands have introduced faux fur in their winter 2010 collections. The presence of fur on the high street ranges from fur trims to full fur coats.

Check out Zara’s anorak with fur collar and French Connection’s Laura faux fur coat.

Zara anorak with fur collar  French Connection Fur Coat

Faux or real, will you wear fur this winter?

PS: For the record, Speaking Chic is anti-fur.

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Trendy winter jackets: Guys get quilted

If there’s one thing that stands out among men’s winter wear this 2010 winter, it’s the quilted jackets: we’re seeing them everywhere! But why wear just any quilted jacket? Take a look at these quilted jackets with a twist, great to wear the trend and look different.

Nylon Quilted Jacket

This French Connection jacket breaks the quilted monotony with the addition of the chest pocket detail.

French Connection quilted jacket

Hooded Quilted Jacket

Hoodies are sooo Y2K, right? Not when you wear one on a quilted jacket! (Jacket from Zara.)

Zara quilted jacket with hood

Bomber-style Quilted Jacket

This S Oliver jacket is an interesting mix of several cool trends: the waistcoat, the colour brown, the quilted jacket, amd the bomber, of course.

S Oliver brown bomber quilted jacket

Which of these quilted jackets gets your vote this winter?

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Coming soon: Wedding and winter specials

The climes are a-changing. Even as the mercury drops, the wedding fever spreads. Speaking Chic will bring you the best of fashion, beauty, clothes, accessories and makeup to tackle the onset of winter and the upcoming wedding season: the chic way!

Stay tuned.

Do leave us any questions you want us to answer about winter or wedding wear in the comments below.

Street Chic: Rockin’ the shorts

We met Sujata at a recent fashion week, covering the event for the news website. While some of the recent fashion weeks have seen not-so-hot ramp shows, going by Sujata’s look, off-the-ramp looks were very fashionable indeed.

Sujata has cleverly coordinated high street brands like Promod for her clothes and cool accessories (check out the belt and necklace), with her hair and makeup (the side pony totally suits her). And she’s got the right dose of confidence to carry off the shorts!

Result: She’s looking tres chic!

Street Chic fashion

Send us your Street Chic pictures at speakingchic at gmail dot com.

Chic fad: Wear the president

If you’re a Barack Obama fan and want to celebrate his India visit (starts today), here’s your chance to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or your tshirt. Tantra’s come up with some cool tees for Obama fans to wear.

Obama Tantra tshirts

Also, check out Inkfruit’s Obama tshirts – they’re fun and affordable (Rs 399 only).

So if you’re politically inclined, are seeking a US visa, want to impress the girl doing the Political Science major, or would just like to show support for Obama, do it the right way—with a cool fashion statement. 🙂

Chic News: Good Times are here!

My late night TV viewing is usually limited to the 5764th rerun of Friends, unless an episode of I’m too Sexy for my Shoes is playing on NDTV Good Times. The designer challenges, the latest style and fashion recommendations and fashion explorations are too much fun to watch. And the charismatic and leggy Ambika Anand is the perfect host, teamed up with the stylish Mohan Neelakantan.

Turns out that the new season of the show kicks off February 12 and with it a series of on-ground events that complement the channel’s brand. The first event, themed “Sexy Shoes”, is a grand party to be held in Delhi. Other than the great food and dance and other standard fare, the party’s style quotient will get a fashionable boost with Salvatore Ferragamo, Just Cavalli, and Canali showcasing their Spring Summer 2010 look.

For all fans of the channel (including me), this new initiative seems to be a great way to enjoy our passion for food, fashion, gadgets and luxury. When, where and how of the events have not been revealed yet, but my ears are close to the ground already.

Now if only we could get an invite to the Sexy Shoes party!

UPDATE: Turns out I can get an invite after all, so can you! Participate in the Sexy Shoes contest and you could win an invite for the party!

Geeky Chic: Mouse rugs!

Who said gadgets have to be boring and umm, well, unstylish? I recently stumbled across this very cool accessory, guaranteed to lighten up the drabbest of office cubicles and workstations. Here it is.



Believe it or faint, this miniature Turkish carpet is actually a mouse pad! Called a mouse rug, there are hundreds of colours and designs available (check out their website).

The cool design’s not the only reason I love this geeky accessory. For starters, my optical mouse rolls smoothly across its surface, made with yarn-dyed nylon. And the bonus: the rug is hand washable, ideal for a rough and messy user like me!

So now my four-month-new sleek-n-silver laptop gets a dash of old world charm and plenty of style. I can’t help but glance at my mouse rug ever so often despite my busy-ness, and it never fails to make me feel happy. 🙂

I’m now tempted to try out their book rugs and coaster rugs, which are smaller, but otherwise identical.

Before you rush to the mouse rug website, be warned—they don’t deliver in India! All you need to do is ask your spiteful aunt/ long-lost friend/ sworn enemy (or my sweet cousin) in Dubai or USA for it. And remember to say please!

Chic Invite: Bachelor Cheers!

My cousin KK is getting married soon, and to celebrate his last few days of singledom (read: freedom), he and his lovely fiancée are throwing a grand bash for close friends and family (singles and doubles both invited).

So KK did the expected thing—he invited us on Facebook. And then caught us off guard when he followed it up with a very cool invite – a cocktail glass, all dressed up for a party!

DSC00976The little silver scroll on the stem, held together with ribbon, doubles up as a brief invite.

So why is this chic? For starters, it comes as a surprise to those invited (the glass came in an inconspicuous maroon paper bag with a personalised tag), it’s fun and it’s completely in tune with the idea behind the party!

So here’s a toast to KK and his lovely bride-to-be P! Wish you both a happy, fulfilling and fun life together! :-)