Living a smart life

My sponge cake batter is yellow and fluffy and almost ready to bake. The oven is pre-heated, and I pour the batter into my cake tin. I remember my mom’s instructions very clearly, “Remember, the cake should be baked for nine minutes, and nine minutes only.”

The oven dial is not exactly accurate, and I need a timer. I will have to scramble to get my phone from my bedroom, open the clock app, seek the timer and set it to nine minutes.

Or I could just say, “Ok Google, set a timer for nine minutes.”

And when nine minutes are up, my cake will be all soft and sweet and scrumptious.

The uses of my smart home assistant extend beyond the kitchen.

I use it to get a weather update. My mom uses it to discover new recipes. The husband uses it to get the news.

And this nifty little smart device is not the only smart thing at home.

In our small household, we have a few smart devices between us. And they’ve made our lives easier. My productivity has gone up (I work from home), and it’s easier to organize my tasks and errands. My home feels cozier, warmer and even more personalized.

But should you invest in such devices?

There’s only one answer here: A resounding YES. We need a Smart Home in the 21st century.

Why? Because smart devices will give you so much more than you could ever imagine. It’s time for a #SmartHomeRevolution.

Here’s how they make your life easier.

Unwind and relax

You come home from a long day at work. You want to relax on the couch, listen to soothing music, and catch up on football scores.  And you want to do all that without lifting a tired finger from your tired body.

So what do you do?

You ask your home assistant to do it—it will dim the lights to your favourite setting, play your favourite Kishore Kumar songs at low volume and narrate the scores of the Premier League matches.

Stay on top of things

I hate to say this, but old age is quickly catching up to me. I can’t remember everything anymore. So when I need to keep track of things to buy, who else do I turn to but my handy assistant?

Starting a shopping list with just my voice, all I need to do is keep adding things to the list and then access it when I go shopping.

And then I can also remember to pay the utility bills, the domestic help and credit card bills on time, using the voice reminders.

Learn more about the world

The other day a kid was caught using a smart home device to do his math homework. I think that’s brilliant, and it turns out the kid later thanked the assistant. The kid’s mother was rather amused as well.

Arithmetic apart, the world is a wonder, and any curious soul is filled with mind boggling questions that need precise, accurate answers. The smart home assistant comes to the rescue. How heavy is an elephant? What is the currency of Japan? When was Akbar born? Who fought in the Second World War?

Useful for homework, useful for work, useful for kids, teens, grownups and grandparents.

Get entertained

It’s party time! Get your home assistant to do the entertaining so you can focus on having a good time with your buddies. Your handy assistant will set the perfect mood lighting by syncing with your Smart lights, pull out recipes that will impress your guests, and even play your choice of movies and music.

Meanwhile, the kids have fun play dates with their little friends when they have quizzes, games and nursery rhymes for company.

Feel independent

Seniors and differently abled people often struggle with simple day-to-day tasks that we take for granted, like booking a cab on their phone. The font is too small, the location is difficult to pin on the map, and the phone app itself can be confusing.

But a virtual assistant can provide tremendous support. They can book cabs easily through a series of voice commands. And then, they can order food, book movie tickets, and listen to their favourite devotional text… without needing to ask anyone for help.

How wonderful is that!

Get fit

When the husband embarked on his weight loss journey, his constant companion was his fitness band. It kept him motivated, alert, active and engaged. The result: around a dozen kilos lighter, he ran a half marathon in less than six months!

And if running and exercise is not your thing, your smart devices can help you with your wellness activities. De-stress with meditation and sleep guidance, access healthy recipes and count your calories by simply asking your assistant.

And so, say yes to #GetFitwithFlipkart.

Keep yourself secure

My friend in Mumbai uses a Smart Camera to keep an eye on her bedridden mother’s household in Bengaluru. With this easy-to-use technology, she ensures her mother’s needs are attended to at all times, day or night.

When I heard about the daylight theft in my neighbours’ house a few months ago when they were away, my first thought was—why didn’t they have home cameras? With such inexpensive yet super useful tools, their hard-earned money would be secure.

Still sitting on the fence about creating a smart home? It’s a new year, it’s time for an upgrade!

#GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

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