Why my first shave was a big surprise

I tried shaving for the first time. What happened next surprised me.

(Oops, cheesy internet meme mood!)

I wrote in my previous blog post that I haven’t shaved before and the panel discussion with Kriti Sanon, Dr Rashmi Shetty and Namrata Soni partly inspired me to try it out. Well, I did earlier this week and the results were completely unexpected.

Urgently needed: Smooth arms for a sleeveless blouse

I’ve been moving homes, so my current place is an absolute mess and there’s been no time for personal grooming. Not a quick face pack at home or eyebrow grooming. And certainly no time for a wax. So when I had to head out for a ladies lunch in a sleeveless top I realized it was time for my first shave.

Pre-shave prep

After quickly brushing through the notes I’d jotted down during the shaving discussion, I started out by taking a warm shower and laid out the tools—Gillette Venus shaving razor with cartridge and Gillette Satin Care shaving gel.

Gillette Venus shaving kit

The First Cut

I sprayed on a bit of the shaving gel on my left arm. It looked like this:

Gillette Venus shaving gel

With my right hand I spread it all over my arm and voila- I got a soft gentle foam all over my arm. Then came the moment of truth.

I shaved, drawing the razor through the length of my arm. I bit my lip, expecting a nick, cut or even a prick. But nothing. Really, didn’t feel a thing at all. All I felt was a soft pad brushing against my arm where the razor was doing its job.

I moved in quick, long vertical strokes along my left arm and then my arm pit, rinsing the razor every couple of strokes to get rid of shaven hair. I was done shaving both arms in barely five minutes though I was shaving slowly (since I was terrified of getting cut).

No pain, no gain? I disagree.

When I touched my arms after the shave I felt soft, smooth, clean, hairless skin. I followed this with my right arm and ended with a moisturizer and aloe vera on both arms.

Did I miss out a few hairs? Yes, being the first time and all that.

Did I pick or cut myself? Nope.

Did it hurt? Not at all. (I think the pain or discomfort from shaving is all in the head.)

Before and after

Here’s the before and after for all of you to see:

Gillette Venus shaving review (7)

Gillette Venus shaving review

As you can see, there’s no dryness, no change to my skin tone, no patches, no prickly hairs, no roughness or swelling, no redness, no irritation. Smooth, soft and clean skin.

Then I wore the sleeveless cowl neck blouse that had been waiting for me and headed out for lunch.


PS- Now that my misconceptions about shaving have been razed off (sorry, bad pun), I’m going to try shaving again. 😀

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