Foodhall: Where I got started on my “diet”

It’s embarrassing to say this on a public platform (I REALLY shouldn’t be saying this), but I’ve put on a LOT of weight over the past few months. But since the past couple of week, I’ve been on a mission to eat healthy, since I believe that exercise is only part of healthy living, and most of your health comes from what you eat. I don’t believe in counting calories as such, but eating the right food at the right time. But hey, that doesn’t excuse munching on French fries or digging into chocolate cake.

Anyways I headed to Food Hall @ Palladium last week to shop, and they are running a healthy food festival this month—they’re calling it “100% Healthy”. The store is putting the spotlight on various healthy foods across cuisines and courses, and there was plenty to choose.

Foodhall Healthy Snacks 1

Hot from the pan

The live counter near the entrance was up and running when I came in, and I tasted the dips (hummus, kale and pine nut pesto, Greek dip) and whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup. There were sin-less desserts too, but I skipped those. Further down on the left, there were plenty of awesome healthy options laid out ready to tempt me.

Yes, you can eat healthy from a packet

The packaged snacks had the usual suspects of whole wheat and roasted snacks, but with some interesting additions thrown in. There were baked nachos (yay!) and the very interesting sweet potato and beetroot chips (not fried, of course!).

Nachos Healthy Snacks

Fresh food is always high on taste

And right opposite the packaged goodies counter, there was a delightful range of freshly-made food to take home. Salads, no-sugar desserts and fruits were the usual suspects in this range, but I also loved the idea of including sushi and dips in this spread. And there was a wide variety of cheeses, with helpful nuggets of information about them.

Sushi at Foodhall

Fruit Platters at Foodhall

In my shopping bag

After tasting the dips at the live counter, I chose the fat-free caramelized onion and balsamic dip, to be eaten with the baked nachos. And for my on-the-go snack, I chose sweet potato chips. I’ve been munching on them on and off, and they are great for curbing those crazy sugar cravings. As for the dip and baked nachos, I haven’t spotted a drop of oil in them. The dip stayed perfect in the fridge for three days, and I had the two as a between-meal snack. The caramelized onion was a tad sweet, but filling enough to satiate my hunger, and the nachos were crunchy.

Signing off now, time for my mid-afternoon snack. A healthy one, of course! 🙂

In Mumbai, Food Hall is at Palladium (Lower Parel, Level 3). Food Hall is also at Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune and Gurgaon.

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