TV Review: Trinny & Susannah’s India mission is kinda disappointing

Trinny & Susannah Makeover Mission India

So Trinny and Susannah, those cheeky, Brit gals with a great sense of style, came to India on a fashion mission (Trinny & Susannah Makeover Mission India, to be precise). They found some interesting “subjects”, and worked their magic on them. But the magic didn’t work much for me as a viewer. Maybe I had high expectations from their India season, since I’ve been a fan of their UK shows. Despite my obvious disappointment, the ladies did make an effort to put together a good show for our style-challenged audience.

Here’s what worked for me, and what didn’t.

The Good:
Trinny and Susannah chose some interesting subjects. Like an odd couple or two, plus-sized men and women, and even a female wrestler! It was great that they travelled to different Indian cities, and visited several local hotspots. I spotted Pizza By the Bay and Fab India in the Mumbai episode. And I saw a Delhi mall too (sorry, can’t remember the name). And I must they had done their homework to understand Indian culture and fashion, and especially our attitude to clothes. For instance, Trinny commented that most Indian men kinda had a uniform for everything- formal shirt and trousers! Couldn’t agree more. 😉

Trinny & Susannah’s approach was not just about looking great- it was an exercise to address the subjects’ fears, insecurities and lack of confidence. They spoke to the men and women about their life, their work, their aspirations. They seemed genuinely interested in helping the subjects make an impact and feel confident, rather than just wear branded clothes.

The Not-So-Good:

The styling was quite uninspired. True, for most Indians, any type of basic “styling” or even thinking about clothes or makeup is a BIG THING, so maybe it WOWed several people. But the choices they made didn’t really excite me. And I absolutely didn’t like how they styled one of the plus-sized women. A maxi that further increases the hips– not exactly my first choice for that lady!

I noticed a couple of ill-fitting outfits and some “subjects” who looked uncomfortable with their new clothes. Now that’s not good news, is it? And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks the show was a bit watered down, partly it was too short (barely 22 minutes!). So there wasn’t too much time for Trinny & Susannah’s witticisms that’s their trademark of sorts. And I certainly missed the motivational “session” they have with women to make them feel comfortable in their own skin. And I’m not even talking about getting the women to undress in a window display of a high-street store! (Yes, they’ve really done that a number of times in the UK show).

But hey, Trinny & Susannah came, they stayed, they styled. Mission accomplished.

Trinny & Susannah India

What did you think of the Trinny & Susannah’s Makeover Mission India? The show airs Monday to Friday at 9PM, only on TLC.

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