Bride & Style: All the pre-wedding style madness!

Bharavi Jaikishan at LFW SR 2013

Gentle reader, I am getting married! And needless to say, I will be blogging about it. OK, maybe not the wedding per se, but the fashion.

Bharavi Jaikishan at LFW SR 2013

Since I’m a fashion buff, fashion will play a HUGE role at my wedding and the related occasions. Clothes, accessories, jewellery, makeup, hair… it’s going to be a tremendous effort to sort these out, and the next few months will test my management and styling skills to the maximum. And I’m up for the challenge! 🙂

Of course I am hoping for a perfect wedding like every other bride, but mine isn’t going to be a grand Rajasthan wedding or a glamourous Bollywood affair. Nor will it be a super quiet affair with five people in attendance. You get the idea…

So what should I wear? How do I get the perfect outfit within X budget? How many outfits do I need in my trousseau? How do I match the accessories and makeup? Questions, questions and more questions a bride needs to answer, and I will be blogging about all of them (and more) over the next few months. So expect my experiences, rants, and the WOW moments, maybe a few handy tips along the way.


Hope you enjoy the bridal “special” and learn from my mistakes. Do leave your advice and tips for me. Thanks!

(PS – Picture from Bhairavi Jaikishen at LFW Summer Resort 2013)

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  1. Hi Chic,

    Start with a fixed budget, sought out the no. of outfits according to the ceremonies and a vague idea on what to wear for the particular ceremony.

    Start Early, and one thing will lead another..

    Happy Wedding!

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