Chic Workshop: Ten things I learnt at Vogue School of Style

I was lucky enough to attend the Vogue School of Style last evening, hosted by Priyanka Khanna, Priyanka Kapadia and Parizaad Khan. The three ladies shared fashion and beauty dos and don’ts with plenty of examples, and some neat tips and tricks. While I took lots of notes, here are my top ten lessons from the workshop.

Three New Words
Cost to Wear Ratio: Price of a piece divided by the number of times you wear it or are likely to wear it. Use this to know whether buying those hot pink pants will be a worthwhile purchase.
Hero Piece: The great piece you love that should be the focus of your ensemble, like a necklace, big tote or printed blouse. The hero piece should  ideally be a trendy one, and everything else should highlight that accessory or garment.
CSR: Comfort, Style and Relevance.¬† That’s the formula for putting together a work look.


Three Trends
Asian influences: These could be prints or accessories like obi belts or simple touches like a Chinese collar or kimono tops.
Green: It’s all about green this season. Pair light mint with a darker shade of mint, it will work!
Safari: Wear linen, soft cotton and neutral separates with lots of pockets for a utilitarian look.

Three Hot Fashion Tips
Shop smart. Make at least three outfits in your head before you buy a piece.
Have fun with staid corporate wear by playing with colours. Use pop shades and mix and match separates like pants, blouses and jackets, while keeping the look very formal.
Give up black for the weekend. Wear prints to spread the cheer!


Great Beauty Tip
A combination of matt and highlighted skin is in right now. So don’t powder all over your face, and let your natural glow shine through.

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