Chic Swimsuit Guide: 7 questions to ask yourself when you go shopping

Swimwear buying guide

Summer time = swim time! Whether you’re going to your neighbourhood pool for a serious water workout or to an exotic island for a holiday, you need the right swim wear. But great swim wear is as easy to find as a needle in a haystack. (Drop in to your neighbourhood store or sports shop to verify).

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You should ask yourself just SEVEN questions before you buy your swimsuit for the season. Here they are:

Question 1: Maillot or bikini (aka one-piece or two-piece)?

You don’t need a buff bod to wear a bikini. As long as you’ve got a proportionate body with some flaws (all of us have them) and you’ve got the confidence to carry it off, don’t feel shy!

Question 2: What’s my body type?

If you’re top-heavy, you need swimsuits with great support (not bandeau tops). If you’re worried about your thick waist, cover it up with a high-waisted bikini bottom, a tankini (tank top + bikini) or one-piece (maillot). If you’re plus-sized, look for a swim dress or skirt.

Question 3: Where will I wear it?

You need a “covered-up” swimsuit for the local pool, while at a foreign beach everyone will be in bikinis, and you don’t want to be the odd one out.

Question 4: What activities will I be doing?

If you’re planning to swim laps like a pro, then skip the halter necks with deep necklines (chances of nip slips and undone ties). If you plan to just laze by the poolside, then a bikini, printed or lightly embellished swimsuits are just right.

Question 5: What do I want to hide/ reveal?

Swimsuits with cut-outs at the right places can help enhance your curves while covering up the problem areas. (See Question 1).

Question 6: What size am I?

Here’s an important fact you didn’t know– sizes for swimwear are different! Several brands follow sizing that’s completely different from their regular tops and dresses. So if you wear a Small top, you might need a Medium when it comes to swimwear from the same store.

Question 7: Striped, printed, single-hued or colour blocked?

Either of these is fine, as long as it looks great on you (not your friend)! For instance, a pink bikini would be perfect for fairer skin tones, while a striped or printed piece will work for glam divas.

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