Chic Workshops: Personal beauty discoveries with Divo and Dermalogica

Couple weeks ago I attended a fun bloggers’ meet hosted by Divo (of hair accessories fame) and Dermalogica (the “white” skin care brand). At their workshops on skin care and hair, I learnt some new things. (Thanks to Akshata Honawar and Avni Amlani).


Some things seemed common sense, some were a bit surprising.  Here’s what I discovered:

Mom was right about not stepping out with wet hair, and not just because it gives you a cold. When hair is wet, the cuticle is open and cortex is exposed. The sunlight can then de-colour your hair, making it turn a couple shades lighter.

Brands now selling “hair oil” are mostly selling serums packaged as oil. That’s because oil would be used a bit differently and wouldn’t wash off that easily.

BTW, oil is not so good for hair, but the massage is.

Henna changes the texture of your hair, making it rough and frizzy. Use ammonia-free hair colour instead.

Even those with dry skin can get acne. I’m not the only exception!

Everyone thinks they have a round face and sensitive skin. But not all of us do.

Exfoliation is the most ignored part of our skin care routine.  But regular, gentle exfoliation is a must. I need to stop being lazy now!

Lastly, I also discovered a Dermalogica product called Pre Cleanse. I thought it was another of those beauty company gimmicks, but I’ve tried the product a few times now and it’s awesome. It’s like a face serum that becomes a cleanser once you add water. It cleanses skin beautifully without drying it. Loving it! 🙂

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