SS 12 fashion trends and what to do with them next season

Spring/Summer 2012 was all about being feminine, girly and cute- the colours (pastels), textures (chiffon and lace) and pretty prints- bows and butterflies. Here’s my take on where the SS 12 trends will be heading next season.

Pleats and pastels

I had earlier written about pleats and pastels- and they clearly dominated the high street and fast fashion brands.

I went pastel-blind this season, from spotting gazillions soft colours- baby pink, light peach, lavender, soft green, turquoise… Pastels left their mark on every garment- blouses, denims, trousers, shorts, skirts, summer jackets. While I loved the colours, by the fag end my eyes were craving for some brightness. (Yeah- call me typical Indian!)

Below: Dress with fantasy shirt style collar from Zara

Zara dress with fantasy shirt style collar

What’s in store: The coming season is likely to see some light hues as well, but mostly darker autumnal tones with some pops of colour.

Pleated skirts

Pleats were on skirts, skirts and some more skirts. I bought a pleated skirt too! 🙂

Below: Primrose stripe skirt from French Connection

FC Primrose skirt

What’s in store: Pleats are here to stay, ladies. So keep those skirts handy.


Speaking of skirts, they were the centre of attention this season, making an appearance in several styles and lengths, though the silhouettes remained soft. The hundreds of skirts I spotted this season were pleated, asymmetrical, striped or printed. They were maxi, mini and knee-length. BTW, I bought an asymmetrical black skirt and it’s super cute!

What’s in store: Skirts will stick around- but silhouettes will change. Think A-line and sixties.


Peplums made an appearance on high street, the red carpet and on Kate Middleton, so they were taken seriously. But not too many fashion brands stocked these styles.

Below: Dress from Mango

Mango peplum dress

What’s in store: They were on the international ramps this season, and they’re here to stay. Expect more high street peplum options this season.


Sheer was all over the world this summer and not just on blouses, tunics and shirts. Even skirts went sheer, either halfway or completely.

What’s in store: Sheer inserts, hints of sheer on winter clothes.

Citrus colours

Corals, peaches, oranges and yellows were as popular as the pastels.

Below: Yellow dress from Nun (available on


What’s in store: Autumnal colours with a pop of orange or yellow.

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