Chic List: 5 things that should not be on sale (because everyone’s wearing them already)

Charles & Keith quilted bag

Almost every fashion brand in the country worth its salt is on sale as you read this (see list below). Sales are an easy way for brands to get rid of old stock and for shoppers to buy stuff they don’t really need, but think they want.

Meanwhile there are some things that should never go on sale, mainly because they are almost everywhere and selling them cheap would lead to everyone wearing the same clothes or accessories. And as I wrote earlier, who wants a nation of fashion clones?

So here’s my list of five things that should never go on sale.

Angry Birds tshirts

Every day I pass by a couple stores in my neighbourhood that have proudly displayed Angry Birds tees, shorts and briefs in their window display.:-P And a young shopper at Zara was wearing such a tshirt as well. While I’m addicted to the game, I’d really be pushing fashion boundaries by wearing the cute birds. And so would everyone else. No one ever wore a Monopoly or Ludo tshirt, or did they?


Oversized / statement pearl necklaces

True, pearls are classic accessories. But I’m talking of the long necklaces with larger-than-usual pearls that every other woman seems to own. They come in different colours, sizes and strand lengths, but essentially they’re the same.

Quilted bags

Chanel’s quilted bags are not really Chanel’s anymore. They belong to almost every accessory brand and woman across the world. At the mall recently, the only good bags I came across were quilted, but in different styles. And while I don’t regret buying a rose red Mango quilted bag last year, I think it’s time to stop buying it and move on to other textures. (BTW, I had recommended quilted bags as early as 2010, so it’s time to kiss them goodbye).

Below: Bag from Charles & Keith

Charles Keith quilted bag

Polo tshirt with horse

In late 2010, the guys who wore the Ralph Lauren polo tshirt with the Big Pony symbol on the left and back were smart and suave. In 2011, every Rahul, Raj and Rohan was wearing a spin-off. And some women donned those tees too. If those tshirts are on sale somewhere, stay away from it. Please!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo tshirt

Fit flops

Every woman who wears a fit flop swears by it. And yes, they’re comfy, cute and stylish (especially the ones with baubles and other trimmings). Unfortunately, my love for them faded when I saw all five women in a group wearing them. Sorry, fit flops weren’t supposed to be part of the uniform.

BTW, if you’re still interested in knowing what’s on sale, here’s a quick look at some brands offering discounts right now:

  • Zara
  • Mango
  • Promod
  • Charles & Keith
  • Tresmode
  • Pepe Jeans
  • AND
  • Chemistry
  • Latin Quarters

What fashion item do you think should not go on sale?

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