Shopping News: Phoenix Market city opens in Kurla, but will we see new brands?

Phoenix Market City- Mumbai

The mall Mumbai shopaholics have been waiting for is now open! Phoenix Market City had a quiet inauguration last week, and our fashion radar tells us that a few stores and restaurants are open (no specifics yet, but I’ll update you as soon as I know more).

Here’s an early-stage visualisation of the mall:

Phoenix Markey City Mumbai

Phoenix Market City is technically not located in a “prime” shopping area—it’s in Kurla, but it’s huge. With retail area of over 16 lakh square feet, wonderful atrium for special events, and an Adlabs multiplex, this mini-city is bound to get shoppers from all over Mumbai.

As for the fashion brands that will open at Phoenix Market City, I expect the usual suspects like Zara, Mango, Benetton, and the rest of the gang to open there. After all, there will be plenty of room for everyone. BTW, we have confirmation that Vero Moda and AND  have opened at Phoenix Market City.

Could be a lovely mall, but…

While a new mall is always good news, I really wonder if Mumbai needs another one. Especially if it’s going to be like any other mall.

What would really excite me is if we get some new brands, concept stores or a new whole new look. Things we haven’t seen before, stores we haven’t explored before. And of course, the mall’s layout would play a huge role in deciding whether Phoenix Market City will be a comfortable place to shop and hang around. I don’t want this mall to be yet another giant structure that looks like every other mall, only larger.

What say, shopping lovers and mall rats? Anyone been to Mumbai’s Phoenix Market City yet?

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