Chic Poll: What’s your favourite jeans fit currently—skinny or straight?

Vogue and plenty other fashion magazines have been predicting a return to the wide-leg trouser and jeans trend for a while now, but how many of us really have thin-enough thighs to pull them off?

Meanwhile, everyone’s wearing skinny jeans, and while they can be very versatile (just change your tee to a blouse while keeping on your skinny pair, and you go from casual to formal) and flattering to some extent, I’m kind of bored of the skin-tight look now. Everyone’s wearing them (and I mean everyone), and try wearing your skinny pair to a scrumptious dinner! So last week I ventured into not one but three denim stores looking for a pair of straight fit jeans.

Below (left to right): Kim straight leg jeans from Lee Cooper; skinny jeans from Zara TRF.

Lee Cooper Kim straight leg jeansskinny jeans Zara

Just my luck that most sales assistants tried to sell me pairs of skinny jeans even though I clearly explained I wanted a comfortable straight leg. Finally a discerning sales guy at Pepe Jeans brought me the right pair of black jeans and I’m happy to say I’m loving the freedom from my blue skinny pair.

So ladies, what’s your choice of jeans these days—skinny fit or the good ol’ straight leg?

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  1. Actually, i’d also been wondering about the comeback of flared bottoms. They just wouldn’t go with the common junta! I am quite comfortable in my skinny jeans!

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