Chic accessories for every budget: ‘Coz it’s still summer!

Even as the first rain showers pour down in Mumbai, we’ve not forgotten that the hot weather is still around and most parts of the country will continue to bear the heat for a few weeks. And we summer accessories continue to rank high on our shopping list.

Alas, if only there was plenty of dough to buy every accessory we ever wanted! Well dahlings, there ain’t enough, so we’ve carefully picked the coolest summer accessories, based on price!

The accessories are affordable, and will keep you well for the next few weeks. 🙂

To make things simpler, we’ve broken up our prices into categories: Rs 500-1000, Rs 1000-2500 and Rs 2500-5000. And hey, the accessories labelled “Chic steal!*” cost less than Rs 500!

So take a take a look at our accessories of choice. Enjoy! (PS—refer to the guide below the fashion board to know where you can buy them).

Chic jewellery, hats and sunglasses

Chic summer accessories- jewellery, hats, sunglasses


  1. Necklace from Marks & Spencer
  2. Cuff from Marks & Spencer
  3. Necklace from Aldo Accesories
  4. Flower burst Ring from Toniq
  5. Sunglasses from Fastrack
  6. Bleicher sunglasses from Aldo
  7. Sunglasses from Puma
  8. Hat from Aldo

Chic bags and shoes

Summer bags and shoes (accessories)


  1. Two-tone fabric messenger bag from Zara
  2. Floral quilted messenger bag from Mango
  3. White handbag from Mango
  4. Betsy clutch from French Connection
  5. Red sandals from Tresmode
  6. Pumps from Tresmode
  7. Plaited sandals from Zara
  8. Flats with floral fabric from Catwalk

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