Chic Poll: Red carpet gown: yeah or no way?

Have you ever worn a gown? Or even been to a party or event where you need to wear one? You know what we mean—red carpet events are like the awards ceremonies or glam celebrations where stars and wannabes spend hours getting dressed, walk down a small carpet-laden path and pose for pictures, the women mostly in gowns.

Closer home, the sari was the red carpet garment of choice for decades, till a new breed of actors appeared on the scene: Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu. They’re smart, they’re savvy and they love their designer gowns.

Below (left to right): From Gauri & Nainika’s LFW S/R 2011 collection; from S&N Drape’s LFW S/R 2011 collection

Gauri & Nainika gown LFW S/R 2011 Shantanu Nikhil S&N Drape LFW S/R 2011

Sure, evening wear gowns look great, glamourous and sexy, but how many of us have either worn one or even had an opportunity to

wear one? In the few parties I’ve attended, I barely saw any women wearing gowns– and why should they? You need to be statuesque,

slim and pretty much in shape to carry them off. If you get your jewellery wrong, or your hair, the whole look seems out of whack.

So the good news is– everyone’s among the glitterati is either wearing floor-length gowns or making them (at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011, we lost count of the number of designers with gowns in their collection). The bad news– we’ve hardly seen women like you and me wearing them, even at posh dos. Dresses—yes, gowns—nope!

And besides, how many “red carpet” events do us ordinary women attend anyways?

Which brings us to our fashion poll: how many of you wear gowns? Or have you ever worn a gown? Do you think you’ll ever wear one?

Answer our poll or leave a comment below!

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