Dial 022 for chic hair: b:blunt’s hairstyle collection for the fashion-forward

Talking to Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar, Avan Contractor and Brent Baker of b:blunt is like hanging out with a bunch of friends who share an intense passion for hairdressing. And though Brent (a UK hairdresser) is the newest member of the 12-year-old b:blunt team, the lively bonhomie indicates otherwise. The trio recently kicked off  their collaboration with a collection of hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2011, called 022 (Mumbai’s phone code).

Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar, Avan Contractor, Brent Barber of B:Blunt

Speaking Chic spoke to Adhuna, Avan and Brent over coffee and cake to talk about the story behind their new hairstyle collection.

Firstly, why 022 and Mumbai? Why not an international fashion capital like Paris or Milan?

Adhuna: Because Mumbai is where we all met for the first time! And because we all love the city.

Brent: I just love Mumbai—the city has a certain vibe to it that I enjoy.

How did you design the 022 styles?

Adhuna: While the three of us [Avan, Brent and I] ideated a lot about hair styles, we realised we had a common link: we all loved the iconic Halo hairstyle, which is very popular right now. So we modernised it for our collection, staying true to its curved shape, but playing with texture and colour.

Brent: We’ve used the Halo to give very “round” shapes to our styles. There’s lots of layering, and you can wear the styles in different ways.

How did the photo shoot go? Styling is a creative process, so were there any last-minute ideas that popped up?

Adhuna: That’s exactly how it happened!

Brent: Well, being a creative process, there’s always an element of surprise, but you deal with it, and you’re always prepared for disaster.

OMG, so were there any disasters?

Avan: Well, the disaster was that there too many wonderful options for us to choose from. But in the end, we choose the most trendy style, with some classic elements.

Brent: The disaster was that there wasn’t enough coffee!

Did anyone serve as your inspiration for these styles?

Brent: At the edge of East End in London, I’ve seen a lot of cool kids who dress incredibly creatively. And they have bangs right up to their eyes, it’s amazing how they carry it off. They were an inspiration for me.

What’s one definitive look from this collection?

Adhuna: This decade is not so much about a definite look. It’s must more about personal and individual style.

Avan: Yup, and today, everyone is more lifestyle-dependent, everyone wants the hairstyle to be quick, low-maintenance and easy to manage.

Who would be a B:Blunt guy or girl?

Avan: David Beckham, because he likes to try new looks.

Adhuna: Everyone, because we have something for everyone.

Brent: It would be someone who likes being different, but not necessarily loud. They can be different in an understated way.

Which is your favourite style from the collection?

Brent: (Picture below)

BBLUNT  210371

Adhuna: I don’t have a favourite.

Avan: (After thinking hard) Tough to have a favourite, they’re all different, yet similar.

Speaking Chic’s picks from the collection:

BBLUNT hairstyle 022 BBLUNT hairstyle 022

Which hairstyle would you like to try?

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  1. This looks so interesting – but very high maintaince – I am looking for a nice haircut for summer & these look like good options. But don’t look like wash & wear – which is more or less my lifestyle routine 😛

    1. @Tanveer– I felt the same initially. But what I now know is that these are “concepts” which you can tweak to your liking, AND make them wash and wear. After this interview, I got a haircut inspired by the bottom left picture. Of course, if I had bangs like that, I wouldn’t be able to see anything. So I got nice on bangs, cut my hair 2-3 inches, it looks great, and I haven’t had any trouble maintaining it. It’s pretty much like take a shower and run out the door. 🙂 Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Hi, I came by your blog looking for haircut salon recommendations, was just wondering how much a haircut in this collection would cost and would you recommend any particular hairstylist at bblunt. Thanks in advance.

    1. @Renu– Haircuts at b:blunt start from Rs 650 (incl taxes), depending on the stylist. The haircut includes consultation with the stylist, hair wash (shampoo + conditioner), cut and blow dry. I find all the stylists at the salon pretty good (have tried several), so go for any. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂 BTW, I mentioned what the hair cut includes, since most salons/ parlours charge separately for washing your hair, which I think is a complete rip-off.

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