Chic Accessories: ToyWatch, now dressed by Missoni

ToyWatch: hot and stylish. Missoni: colourful and fun scarves. Put the two together, and you get a limited edition collection: ToyWatch dressed by Missoni.

The collection features by Missoni’s signature scarf fabrics as foulard straps or classic fabric straps with leather buckles, as part of the famous ToyWatch watches. This collection is available worldwide, with 36 watches in India. There are six models in India, with each watch in three colours.

ToyWatch by Missoni accessory ToyWatch Missoni watches and accessories

I found it fun wounding and tying the “scarf strap” around my wrist, it made the watch all the more special. The watch is easily recognisable as a ToyWatch and the “scarf” makes it a fun accessory. It’s for those who love adding a splash of colour and prints to their wardrobe or accessories.

Speaking Chic spoke to Nayantara Thacker, Head of Operations, ToyWatch India, about the collection.

On the ToyWatch-Missoni collaboration:

ToyWatch India's Nayantara Thacker ToyWatch and Missoni is the perfect marriage—they’re both fun, funky and stylish.

How to wear the watches:

You can dress up or dress down with the watches. I’m wearing the watch with a sequinned top, and someone else has paired it with a classic white shirt. The watch looks great with both outfits.

About the pricing:

ToyWatch is positioned as affordable luxury globally. We have chosen to have the US and Europe pricing in India.

What’s next for ToyWatch in India:

We’re excited to be coming up with an India-exclusive collection in a tie-up with an Indian magazine. You’ll see the collection next month, in the February edition of the magazine. That’s all I can say yet!

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ToyWatch dressed by Missoni is available exclusively at Aza, Mumbai. The watch is priced at Rs 20,025.

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