Trendy winter jackets: Guys get quilted

If there’s one thing that stands out among men’s winter wear this 2010 winter, it’s the quilted jackets: we’re seeing them everywhere! But why wear just any quilted jacket? Take a look at these quilted jackets with a twist, great to wear the trend and look different.

Nylon Quilted Jacket

This French Connection jacket breaks the quilted monotony with the addition of the chest pocket detail.

French Connection quilted jacket

Hooded Quilted Jacket

Hoodies are sooo Y2K, right? Not when you wear one on a quilted jacket! (Jacket from Zara.)

Zara quilted jacket with hood

Bomber-style Quilted Jacket

This S Oliver jacket is an interesting mix of several cool trends: the waistcoat, the colour brown, the quilted jacket, amd the bomber, of course.

S Oliver brown bomber quilted jacket

Which of these quilted jackets gets your vote this winter?

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