Marks & Spencer opens 4th Delhi store with special ramp show

It’s not often that a foreign clothing brand opens a 14,000 square feet store in India. But when it’s Marks & Spencer (as Marks & Spencer Reliance India), it’s bound to be done in style.

Marks & Spencer celebrated the opening of its fourth Delhi store at DLF Promenade with a ramp show that featured established models like Krishna Somain and Alisha Paika, along with loyal customers.

While a ramp show is nothing unusual, I love watching ordinary people dressed stylishly, looking confident, and beaming as they flaunt their style statement. Plus we don’t get to see ordinary people (read: ordinary-sized people) on the ramp often. Check them out:

 Marks & Spencer new store Delhi Marks & Spencer new store Delhi

Meanwhile, take a look at the new store at Delhi’s DLF Promenade.

Marks & Spencer new store DLF Promenade Marks & Spencer new store DLF Promenade 

Anyone been there yet?

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