Bigg Boss: Veena Malik makes a leggy style statement

After Priyanka Chopra on Khatron ke Khiladi, it’s time for Bigg Boss’s Veena Malik to go very very short. In the episode aired on Thursday December 2, the Pakistani Bigg Boss contestant was seen wearing super-short black shorts, with a loose white shirt and sports jacket (purportedly Ashmit Patel’s).

Veena Mallik in Bigg Boss Veena Mallik in Bigg Boss shorts

Veena made the most of this short opportunity (pun intended) to show off her legs. She added drama to her look with her choice of footwear: her trademark high heeled pumps with err… patterned socks. Of course, wearing socks with sandals is not a fashion faux pas since last winter, but this is perhaps the first time we saw this on Indian television, worn with such nonchalance.

Check out Veena Malik’s pictures from Bigg Boss. With her style statement, she seems to be saying, “I have awesome legs, and I’m going to show them off.” Also: “If I get nominated in the near future, at least the men will vote for me/ my legs.”

What do you think of Veena’s style statement? Will you dare to wear shorts, heels and socks together?

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