Street Chic: Rockin’ the shorts

We met Sujata at a recent fashion week, covering the event for the news website. While some of the recent fashion weeks have seen not-so-hot ramp shows, going by Sujata’s look, off-the-ramp looks were very fashionable indeed.

Sujata has cleverly coordinated high street brands like Promod for her clothes and cool accessories (check out the belt and necklace), with her hair and makeup (the side pony totally suits her). And she’s got the right dose of confidence to carry off the shorts!

Result: She’s looking tres chic!

Street Chic fashion

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  1. I know Sujata for few months and met her only twice though. I have never seen someone looks so chic and stylish with her side pony like Sujata .She manages it so well and her slender cadaver adds up to the glam quotient.
    Way to go Sujata 🙂

    1. Tanni, Sujata’s plus point is that she knows her strengths, and she dresses up to highlight those. And I’ve already mentioned how super confident she is, which is very, very important in fashion. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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