Men’s fashion: What goes with a navy blue blazer?

Hi, I’m going to a friend’s wedding this weekend. I want to know what trousers would go with the navy blue blazer I’m planning to wear. And what kind of shirt would look good—solid or striped?

— Saahil

Blue blazer Hi Saahil, most stylists recommend wearing beige or khaki trousers with a navy blue blazer. Avoid pairing blue trousers with a navy blue blazer.

About the shirt: you can wear either solid or striped. If opting for the latter, make sure the stripes are subtle and contrast the blazer. A solid shirt goes with most ties, so you can go a bit crazy with that. 🙂 With the striped shirt, choose a tie with some sort of pattern (stripes, checks or small geometric print). We recommend wearing a tie that has a basic blue tone.

Enjoy the wedding, and do share some pictures of the final look!

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