Kareena went whacky in Golmaal 3

Kareena Kapoor’s on- and off-screen style statement has always been refreshing. While in Kambaktht Ishq she wore exclusive designer clothes, in Jab We Met she was dressed like a modern Punjabi girl to the hilt (and heel). In Kurbaan she tried the Indo-Bohemian look as a Delhi-based professor. And in Tashan, umm… Kareena didn’t wear much. On special occasions, Kareena’s often opted for Indian wear (saris etc)even as other actors try to go as short as possible.

In her latest movie Golmaal 3, Kareena plays a Goan girl, Daboo: bindaas, cool, and one of the boys. In line with her character, she’s ditched her earlier fashion statements and gone ultra casual with capris and tshirts. The highlight of her wardrobe are the tshirts: layered, knotted and whacky. (FYI, Kareena has been styled by Manish Malhotra in the movie).

Kareena Kapoor in navy striped tshirt in Golmaal 3

I liked most of the clothes Kareena wore, (the capris, the casual layering), but it were the whacky one-liner tshirts that made me chuckle (and nod appreciatively!). My favourites one-liners from Kareena’s tshirt collection in Golmaal 3:

  • Facebook… let’s tweet!
  • Boys!!!
  • Mind it, rascals!

Kareena Kapoor tshirt in Golmaal3

I’m chuckling as I blog this!

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