Fashion Primer: Deepika tells ‘Break ke Baad’ to wearable clothes

Break ke Baad: Deepika Padukone in bikini topDeepika Padukone seems to have kissed her approachable, simple, practical wardrobe a goodbye. For in her latest movie Break ke Baad, she doesn’t seem to be wearing much. Even so, here’s a look at her style statement in the flick (also starring Imran Khan).

For starters, Deepika (playing Aaliya Khan) is wearing super-short shorts with not much to accompany them: mostly bikini tops, some beach cover-ups and loose blouses and dresses, and tshirts with funky lines. Even in the lehenga, Deepika is wearing a teeny choli with a namesake pallu and low-waist skirt. Also, Kareena Kapoor’s layered t-shirts from Golmaal 3 are worn by Deepika as well.


 Break ke Baad lehenga  Break ke Baad: Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan  Deepika Padukone in tshirt in Break ke Baad

We think the look is inconsistent: it’s a hotchpotch of college casual, Florida staples, and Sunday brunch. Nothing character-defining. FYI, Deepika’s clothes have been put together by Ayesha Dasgupta (who also did her wardrobe in Love Aaj Kal). 

 Speaking Chic Verdict: Deepika’s clothes might inspire teenagers across the country, but it won’t make you run to the mall. Instead, you will probably run to the nearest gym to get the legs legs that has all young Indian women burning with jealousy.

What do you think of Deepika Padukone’s look in Break ke Baad?

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  1. Just literally stumbled on your blog today while Googling & I am quite impressed! I like your breezy way of writing & your posts are fun to read! 😀 😀

  2. yaa the clothes she wore were really good bt nt worth running to the mall and after seeing her legs ive decided excercise is a must LOL :p

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