Chic Views: Guzaarish Fashion

In our earlier posts, we explained Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Guzaarish wardrobe and deconstructed the Guzaarish makeup look. After a closer look on the silver screen, our off-the-cuff reactions:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s clothes, hair and makeup are lovely, and super glam for a nurse. This was her chance to de-glam and show her natural beauty and talent. Alas, golden opportunity missed.
  • I bet Aishwarya’s character Sofia obviously spends at least an hour getting dressed for work. And she carries her makeup kit to work as well. After cleaning, washing, dressing up her patient and a thousand other things, her hair and lipstick are in place. Wowza.
  • Sofia/ Aishwarya’s wardrobe is absolutely impractical (and way too expensive) for a nurse. Her blouses are low-neck way too low-neck for  a patient NOT to ogle. Or for his eyes not to drop out. And she wears a new apron everyday.
  • Even though we’ve paid much attention to Aishwarya’s clothes, it’s worth noting that Shernaz Patel’s simple organic cotton saris by Sabyasachi were a delightful contrast to Aishwarya’s glam clothes.

Speaking Chic Verdict: Lovely clothes, but let’s stay in character, shall we?

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  1. Biased much?

    you morons did not realize that she was playing a PORTUGUESE character and so she was dressed like a Goan Catholic duh.

    and who the heck are you fools to downplay her fantastic performance in the film when all the credible top critics praised her superlative performance in the film? Obviously their critique holds more water as opposed to wannabe fashionistas like you

    so stick to being superficial and let the real critics do their job.

    1. Namrisha, thanks for dropping by. Yup, we “morons” did know that Aishwarya plays a Portuguese/ Goan Catholic character. What we also knew was that she plays a NURSE. And whatever be anyone’s background or religion or origin, at work, you wear what suits your profession/ job/ work. You don’t go to a board meeting in bermudas or wear a sari at work if you’re an aerobics instructor. If you read our post carefully, you’ll know that our problem is with the impracticality and sheer exquisiteness of the garments Aishwarya (or rather, Sofie the nurse) wears. Would a nurse (Goan Catholic or not) would wear such low-necked blouses to work, given the kind of job she has? She can wear all that in her personal life/ at home, but this movie showed her mostly at work, tending to a patient. As said in the post, great clothes.

      And who the heck downplayed her performance on this blog? And where????? This post isn’t a movie review, nor does it claim to be one, we leave that to the real critics. We’re just the masses, after all.

      1. Again you missed the plot you freak, did you idiots figure out that she was playing a CARETAKER NURSE who was looking after Ethan in his house and not at a hospital? and she was dressed up like how the Goan Catholic women with Portuguese heritage do. And if you are complaining about the glam factor, then go blame the director Bhansali for that since he has a thing for ‘exquisite outfits’ and he mixes realism with fantasy.

        and who the heck downplayed her performance? HELLO stop contradicting yourself and look above there

        “# Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s clothes, hair and makeup are lovely, and super glam for a nurse. This was her chance to de-glam and show her natural beauty and talent. Alas, golden opportunity missed.”

        so what the heck are you trying to imply with this entry huh? Being snarky with a hidden agenda eh?

        Please all the credible critics and even some of her toughest critic praised her remarkable performance in the film. So why should anyone take you superficial freaks seriously? You are just a wannabe fashionista with a shallow outlook.

        1. @Namrisha– I wish I had a hidden agenda! Like some movie director/ producer paying me to write bad stuff about other movies, what a good amount of money I would have made. (thanks for the idea)

          “# Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s clothes, hair and makeup are lovely, and super glam for a nurse. This was her chance to de-glam and show her natural beauty and talent. Alas, golden opportunity missed.”

          Read between the lines! We wanted her acting ability to shine through, like in Guru, let her work speak for itself, rather than the makeup. Golden opportunity refers to just that, in no way does that undermine her acting ability. She would have made much more of an impact without any makeup etc.

          We’re not asking anyone to take us seriously! And if we’re wannabe fashionistas, please explain who you are. We’d like to know our readers better. 🙂

    2. @Namrisha

      Which goan portugese catholic woman dresses like that ? Also I desperately need a nurse after recent surgery. If you know any that dresses and looks like the way Ash does, please do drop her contact here. 😛

  2. Actually Aishwarya does not style herself for her movies. That is why you have a costume designer. The movie director decides the look and feel of the characters. Why are you making it an Aish issue and not a SLB issue?

    Actually aside from the red lipstick the makeup was pretty light.

    Here is what the costume designer Sabyasachi has to say:

    “It is 6.30 in the morning and Sabyasachi is fuming when I call him at his Kolkata home. “Bhansali never claims that his characters live in real time. Isn’t everyone tired of the monotonous mess of hot leather skirts, tack and pink, and pelvic thrusts that define Bollywood?”

    “I interpreted Sofia as a borderline depressed woman who had a Seventies hangover from her growing-up years,” says Sabyasachi. “She is stuck in a time warp, has a miserable personal life and work is her only redemption. She is from a Frida Kahlo painting, friendless and melancholic. For her, elaborate dresses, whimsical hairdos and red lipstick are weapons of defiance. Her clothes disrobe her character,” he says. Since the film’s release, Sabyasachi stores are ringing with queries for Guzaarish clothes and the vintage jewellery Aishwarya wears in the film.

    1. @Lee: Yup, Aishwarya does like she’s from a Frida Kahlo painting. And I would love to buy the jewellery she wears as well, the skirts look great too. Even the aprons were exquisite!

      SLB and Sabya decided the look, I agree, that’s how a movie works. But do you think an actor of Aishwarya’s stature would not have a say in her look? Like when Priyanka Chopra was panned for her look/ clothes/ makeup in Krish, she took full responsibility… which means she did have a say…

      BTW, similar to Sabya’s explanation of Aishwarya’s wardrobe, SLB also spoke about it in an interview in yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror, explaining the wardrobe. But I feel a movie should speak for itself. If you need the crew/ cast to give an explanation after the movie’s release, then I’m sorry, the point is lost. Your character’s motivations etc should come through the movie itself, it didn’t come through in this case.

      Thanks for the link.

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