LFW: 10 things we learnt at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010

Gold is in

That’s what Sailex told me just after his show. And I guess he was right. Model wearing gold chainsOxidised silver has almost disappeared, and there were plenty of gold accessories as well as embroideries (gota and gold ribbon work).

Less of more is more

We Indians want to show off our jewels, but don’t want to show too much of it. Hence, the current look is neither OTT, nor is it minimal. We’ve struck a fine balance between the two. Thank god for that.

The grass is greener on the other side…

Western wear designers attempted Indian garments for the first time (Anupama Dayal and Nachiket Barve); while primarily Indian wear designers offered western garments (Label by Ritu Kumar). Are the new endeavours are driven by aesthetic or business needs, or both?

Live tweeting has almost replaced journalism

I love tweeting, and I’ve live-tweeted a couple events. I rather enjoyed reading the tweets from fashion magazines, websites, TV channels and LFW, but sadly, I wonder if the urgent need to get the information out is replacing fashion journalism and criticism. Not much note-taking, and you should have seen the amount of press releases that went unused.

Love it or hate it, Bollywood is big

As a friend told me, “When big Bollywood stars don’t show up, people complain [that the fashion week is thanda]. When a Bollywood star does show up, people complain that film stars are replacing fashion.” True!

Indian Standard Time is as stretchable as lycra

As we waited to enter the main show area for the grand finale (which started more than an hour late), we could spot the models rehearsing. Most shows started at least 20-25 minutes late, while some were delayed by as much as 45 minutes.

Model at Label by Ritu Kumar It’s all on the head

Head gear in various forms appeared everywhere—Little Shilpa, Jelin George (Gen Next), Label by Ritu Kumar, among others. Is head gear the new wide belt?

Lots of clothes doth not maketh a collection

The designer creates clothes for his “collection”. But what if you leave the show feeling confused about what the collection was really about? Some designers used all fabrics, all colours, all possible trendy embellishments. Where’s the theme or thought behind it?

Winter, Summer, Festive, Resort… it’s all the same, right?

We saw bikinis, beach and resort wear on the ramp, along with minis and shorts. Even seasonless Mumbai deserves new fashion trends.

Fashion Week is fun, but tiring.


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