Guess who wore a Rs 17 lakh sherwani?

Akshay Kumar!

Akshay Kumar at Udaipur palace

While shooting for Master Chef India in Udaipur, Akshay Kumar donned this diamond- and pearl- studded sherwani by well-known designer Abu Jani. The outfit was selected by his fashionable wife Twinkle Khanna, who no doubt wanted Akshay to look like royalty when he met the king of Udaipur, Sriji Arvind Mewar during the shoot. (The episode was shot in his residential palace).

Here’s Akshay with the king:

Akshay Kumar with king of Udaipur

Must say we’re dazzled by the sherwani and the crazy price tag!

What do you think of this special sherwani? Tell us!

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  1. I liked the show. Infact Akshay kumar was at its best. He supported contestants when they were sad. The concept of the show is quite interesting. Let’s see what happens in the next episode.

  2. lol! well i guess this scene was almost like going for a lunch in sherwani. the maharaja arvind mewar was looking more like a rajwada ina casual suit then the akshay.
    may be it was a stupid choice inspired by rajasthani dressings :p

    so are we going to see him wearing even heavier sherwani on hid kid’s birthday now? lol.

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