Chic Diwali gifts: Steel watches for guys

After the girls’ most-wanted Diwali gift (sporty watch), it’s time to kick off the Chic Diwali gifts series for guys. And here’s a killer accessory to top the list: a sexy steel watch.

Tissot Bridgeport watch


Steel watches reflect a guy’s confidence, and can add a youthful touch to a drab office wardrobe or a fun touch to a collegian’s casual look. The steel watch can have a sporty dial, like Fossil’s  Dress and Sport watches:

Fossil Multifunction Silver Dial Watch Fossil Decker Black Chronograph Dial watch

Alternatively, men can make a sophisticated statement with Tissot’s Classic range of watches.

Tissot Classic Dream watch Tissot Classic Dream watch

PS: A special thanks to Rahul (a Speaking Chic reader) for sharing his Diwali fashion wishlist with us.

Guys, which accessory do you want as a Diwali gift? Tell us!

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  1. All steel watches are bunch of “Wannabe Omega”. Fossil is junk and Tissot has Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador. There goes any brand value in dirt (Just like SRK killed Tag Heuer ). Value for money chronographs which show some class are Longines

    I just got to know Ash is the brand ambassador for Longines. Thanks Longines. I like your watches but now will be canceling any plans of owning one.

    Note to Luxury watch manufacturers: Please STOP diluting your brand by getting brand ambassadors from India.

    1. I agree that brand ambassadors can dilute the brand, and I’m not sure they boost sales either. Nevertheless, let’s judge a watch (or anything else) on a merit basis. 🙂

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