Chic Diwali gifts: Quilted bags

Who says you need to save up for a decade to buy a fabulous quilted bag like Chanel’s? Not anymore, you don’t.

Fortunately for us fashion fiends, high street brands have taken a leaf from Chanel’s page and adopted quilted bags to their product offering, making them much more affordable. And some of their bags are just gorgeous. I knew I had to have one the moment I spotted one a few days ago. And it made it to my list of great Diwali gifts to give (or want).

Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures. On the left is the famous Chanel bag. On the right is Aldo’s spin-off of the classic accessory.

Black Chanel quilted bag Aldo black quilted bag

Yup, the high street version won’t last forever, but true fashionistas need new bags every season, right? 🙂

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