LFW W/F 2010: Some model facts

Anyone who is not a model is fascinated by them. But turns out they’re people too. So here’s some things I observed about them at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2010 fittings earlier this week.

Most models are super tall. Really. When I stepped into the fittings room, I looked up at them, and wondered, “Wow! They‘re wearing such high heels!” Two minutes later, the choreographer called out, “Giiiirrrrls, wear your heels now!” Then they towered over me.

Models are super thin. Well, kinda. Some of them really are, but none of them looked sick or deathly pale to me. Rather, some of them looked skinny and healthy at the same time. (By healthy, I don’t mean chubby, but healthy, curvy and feminine). And they had the flattest tummys. (Note to self: Take tips from them during fashion week).

 Models at LFW W/F 2010

Models eat cake. No kidding. I saw them munching on little pastries after the fittings. What’s interesting is that they ate tiny bite-sized pieces, and didn’t gorge on them.

Models can be really sweet. A couple of the models happily posed for me when I pointed my camera at them, even though they were without makeup. Here’s one of them.

Model at LFW W/F 2010

Most models have good skin. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s because they take good care, or a bit of both. There were a few models though, who had not so good skin, but nothing which makeup couldn’t take care of.

Any model myths you want to bust? Any questions for the models? Tell us!

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