LFW Finale: Malini goes gypsy-otic

Lakme Fashion Week’s Winter/Festive 2010 season was expected to end with a fashionable bang. A bang it was, but not very fashionable.

There was plenty of drama and theatrics: starting more than an hour late, an acrobatics act, a contortionist, a tacky AV about Malini’s “journey as a gypsy” and Diandra Soares in a horrendous one-shouldered maxi, on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction.

Diandra Soares at LFW

Divided into four parts (Mystery, Bliss, Cosmic and Nirvana), each sub-collection had a distinct mood, theme, colour palette and set of embellishments. While the Mystery collection comprised mostly sarongs, waist coats, Jodhpur pants, and even smocks, the beach-themed Bliss included some colourful dresses, gowns, tubes and minis. Batiks ruled the first two parts.

Malini Ramani outfit at LFW  Model in Malini Ramani outfit

Kaftans and feathers appeared in the Cosmic part, and plenty of mirror work marked the Nirvana stage.

We wonder why Malini stuck mostly to black in her gypsy interpretation, and why she chose to present a collection that was so predictable, and reinforced every gypsy-costume stereotype. Mirror work, check. Shells, check. No defined silhouette, check.

Model at Malini Ramani show  Malini Ramani's show at LFW- model  

The good thing is that Malini remained true to her bohemian, free-spirited self. After a break and with a more open mind, perhaps Malini can get her creative juices flowing again. Let me ask my tarot cards. 😉

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