Clash of the fashion weeks

It’s September, and soon the world’s fashionistas will be treated to sartorial delights (and disasters) to look forward to in the next fashion season. In India, we’re going to have the Lakme Fashion Week from September 17 to 21 in Mumbai. And Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in October in the capital.

Kolkata_Fashion_Week But before that, get ready for Kolkata Fashion Week (September 10-12) and Kolkata Couture Fashion Week (September 9-12). Yup, you read that right. Same place, same time, two fashion weeks!

Now that’s not good news at all. That’s too many clothes (even for fashion lovers), too many air kisses and too many celebrities. And we really wonder how many of those clothes would be really worth wearing/ buying?

Besides, we’ve just had a couture week, and the whole idea behind couture is to be exclusive. That’s why Paris only labels a handful of designers as couturiers. But this is India, where everyone from a smart college student to a bored housewife is called a “designer”. [End of rant.]

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